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Winter is a magical time. The cool winter breeze, mild drizzles, and romantic atmosphere are all too real. This almost dreamy environment gets even better when you spend time sitting in your garden, sipping on a steaming hot mug of coffee, enjoying the beauty of the flowers you have put in so much time and effort to care for. The dew-clad snapdragons, marigolds, and dahlias all dancing in the light fog – that’s nature smiling back at you!

Yes, there is nothing more beautiful than a winter garden, and it’s worthwhile to create one. But a dreamy, beautiful winter flower garden can only be a reality when you choose the right plants to grow. Here are the top 10 flowering plants that love cool winters. Check out—

  1. Alyssum
    You also know this beautiful plant as sweet alyssum. Its sweet scent fills the surrounding once it’s blooms fully. If you want to have bees or butterflies in your garden, alyssum is the best choice. It is also great for pollinator gardens.
  2. Calendula/Pot Marigol
    Calendula is a must-have winter flower. Calendula, unlike alyssum, has a faint scent and can grow up to 24 inches. One can use Calendula petals and seeds in many ways to help with skin restoration. They are available in yellow and orange shades and can brighten up your garden.
  3. Snapdragons/Dog Flower

    Snapdragons are also called dog flowers, and they are a winter species that prefer cooler temperatures. They come in many colours and are native to North America and Europe. They can be grown in India and range from 6 to 48 inches, depending on their variety.
  4. Dahlia
    Dahlias can be a gardener’s delight, with a wide range of colours on offer. The care of dahlia plants depends on where they are grown. Usually, Dahlias need plenty of sunshine and well-drained soil for healthy growth.
  5. Nasturtium
    Apart from their vibrant colours, the best thing about nasturtium is its edible flowers and leaves. Besides, they have a pleasant scent. They are great as ground cover plants because of their vibrant colours. One can also it for fresh cuts. What’s more? They are a joy to have around children!
  6. Phlox
    These plants are also known as garden Phlox and can grow up to 5 feet in height. Phlox is a native wood plant, so it can grow in partial sun, but full sunlight is better. Allow it to sit in the sun for approximately 6 hours per day.
  7. Nemesia
    It is an easy-to-grow plant with beautiful flowers in a variety of colours. Plus, it doesn’t take much effort to grow. Nemesia prefers to be in the sun. It needs at least six hours of sunlight per day to stay healthy. Make sure to water the soil well. It can stop flowering if there isn’t enough moisture in the soil. It also needs fertilizer in every season. For growing plants, water-soluble fertilizers work best.
  8. Osteospermum
    The beauty of Osteospermums, or African daisies as one knows them commonly, is a delight for garden owners. These plants can grow up to 36 inches in height. Osteospermum flowers look stunning when planted in large numbers
  9. Petunia
    Petunias are an extremely loved flower variety, popular among gardeners across different expertise levels. These bright and vibrant annuals are a joy to have in your garden. They are easy to grow and plant.
  10. Cineraria
    Cineraria plants are small, but they grow beautiful flowers. The flowers are vibrant and have daisy-like characteristics. The plants have dark green leaves. Depending on the variety, Cineraria plants can grow up to 20 inches tall. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that these plants are often used for gifting people.All of the above-listed flowers are breathtakingly beautiful and are perfect for planting in your winter garden. But planting isn’t enough; proper care should follow if you want healthy growth for your plants.Remember, whether the weather is fair or foul, nature has a way to add colour and interest to your garden. Even in the harshest of winters, you will find some hardy flowers blooming through a crust of snow. While dropping temperatures force you indoors, your winter plants stay outside and show off their vivid colours. When they work so hard to keep your garden beautiful, there is no reason why you shouldn’t provide all the care they deserve.