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Balcony Plants

We all know how much people love balconies. For some, it is that extra space in the house where they like to sit for tea and coffee when friends come over. And for others, it is a safe haven and a personal bubble to revel in the calming beauty of solitude. So, whether you want to transform your balcony into your workspace or you want it to be that cozy corner of your home decorating it with aesthetically pleasing plants is the way to go. Depending on the plants you pick, it can be transformed into a patch of tropical lushness, a goth-inspired vintage garden, or a warm space with trendy succulents.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to put in much effort to maintain a lush green garden. Neither do you need to break your bank. All you need is healthy seedlings and plants that can thrive even with low-maintenance. And, grow well even in indirect sunlight that most urbane balconies receive.

So, we are here with our top 5 recommendations of low-maintenance plants that can grace your balcony and grow with little TLC. Let’s dive in!

1. Snake Lily

Long leaves and shimmering blooms characterize the Peace Lily plant. This plant offers not only beauty but also a mild scent to the balcony when kept there. A peace lily is a good houseplant to have if you want to improve your health. It’s also accommodating and low-maintenance. Peace lily thrives in gloomy areas and is quite easy to cultivate.

2. Palms

Most potted palms are evergreen and may get sunlight indirectly as well as from artificial sources. Palms are a great addition to your balcony since they are low-maintenance and can withstand sporadic watering. Palm is an everlasting decorative plant that does well inside or in a shaded, wet area of the garden. This plant is easy to cultivate for many houseplant lovers.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant

This medicinal plant thrives in bright sunshine, although it may also flourish in complete darkness. Here’s all you need to know about cultivating aloe vera.
Aloe Vera, a sort of succulent with a plethora of health benefits, is a godsend for all your skin and gastrointestinal problems. With indirect sunlight, the plant grows at its best, making it an excellent balcony addition.

4. Money Plant

Money Plant

In Asian nations, it is frequently grown as a houseplant. This low-maintenance vine thrives in the absence of direct sunshine. Money plant is that long-term buddy that does not garner attention but manages to provide significant value. The plant is both a perpetual vine and a climber, making it a lovely addition to your balcony.

5. Snake Plant

Snake Plant

It’s a long-lasting and common houseplant. It has a remarkable capacity to endure shade. Another fun tidbit about this houseplant is that it’s succulent! Snake plants have long, stiff sword-like leaves that are low-maintenance in nature. They are regarded to be an obvious pick in postmodern interior design since they require considerably less water and sun.

Caring tips –

In addition to that, let us now give you some tips from one green thumb to another-
● Your houseplants should not be overwatered. Watering should be done with caution, even if the plant demands wet soil. Before watering anymore, periodically check the soil moisture content.
● Watering should be reduced in the winter to prevent the plant from being soggy all of the time. It’s best to keep the soil as dry as possible while growing plants inside.
● During the growth season, treat indoor plants using a low-strength all-purpose liquid fertiliser once a month.
● To keep your plants in the form and size you want, prune them on a regular basis.
● Regularly clean the dirt and particles that stick to the surface of plant leaves.
● Keep an eye out for parasites. Spider mites may be a serious issue.

Whether you want to add zest to your style or give your home a positivity-inducing green makeover, balcony plants are the perfect purchase. Various studies by several scientists have even proved that engaging in gardening (be it indoor or outdoor) and being exposed to a naturalistic environment can help people feel more connected to nature, stay more focused, and feel more at ease. After all, not only do these green buddies make our homes and apartments look visually appealing but also have various positive impacts on our mental and physiological health.

So, go ahead and start picking your favorite balcony plant already!



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