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Having a boring workspace can dampen the energy and mood to work. This can affect productivity to a large extent. One of the best ways to jazz up the office space and work table is by adding some greenery. Several small and big office plants are perfect for work tables or a window where these plants can grow properly. One can find different types of cheap plants online in Delhi for on-site and home offices.


Here are the 5 best indoor plants perfect for workplaces and office tables.

  1. Aglaonema

Aglaonema is a popular green leafy plant suitable for office desks and corners. They have big leaves that have accents of pink and green on them, making them strikingly beautiful. These plants are Fengshui friendly and are also called Chinese evergreen plants.

They need the low intensity of indirect light and even can survive in the dark if need be. The water consumption is comparatively low as compared to other plants. One should water them more during the months of summer and spring. Always check the water moisture before watering them. It is also helpful in purifying the air from formaldehyde and benzene, mostly found in various cleaning agents.

  1. Dracaena

Dracaenas are palm-like plants suitable for both indoors and outdoors. These plants can vary in size depending on the type of dracaena and have great ornamental value. These plants are not weak and can easily tolerate low water and low light conditions. They are perfect for office corners, where they can grow tall without taking much space.


Taking care of dracaenas is easy, as they need medium indirect sunlight to grow and be healthy. Also, the soil should be kept moist to avoid droopy and yellowing leaves. They should be placed somewhere near the windows where there is indirect light. One of the best things about these plants is that they can purify the air easily from xylene, trichloroethylene, benzene, and formaldehyde. Dracaenas are also known to absorb lead from the air.

  1. Croton

 Crotons are tropical plants, and they usually grow in bright sunlight outdoors. Sunlight for a few hours every day helps with their beautiful and bright foliage colors. But that does not mean they are not suitable for indoors. However, one should be careful to put them somewhere near a window where natural sunlight comes from. Not getting enough sunlight will simple makes their leaves turn green.

One should not overwater the soil of croton plants. Make sure to let the soil go dry before watering them again. Crotons need humidity to grow well, so make sure to humidify the air near the plant with water spray. These plants are not just good-looking, but they are effective in air purification and toxin removal too

  1. Areca palm

Areca palm is a suitable candidate for those who have a spacious office. These palm species tend to grow up to 7-8 meters while being kept indoors of taken care of. Areca palm needs extra care, if one wants it to grow and stay green.

Areca palm

The light should be perfect, and the watering should be frequent. The environment should be humid with enough moisture that enhances the plant’s growth rate. They are not just great for purifying the air, but are also effective in humidifying the air that helps people with sinus issues. Find the best plants from plants online in Delhi stores

  1. Asplenium nidus

Asplenium nidus is also called a bird’s nest fern. This fern is a perfect choice for indoor gardens and offices. These plants can be kept in those rooms which are slightly more humid, as they need moisture to grow. The soil should have even moisture and also make sure to keep the bright sunlight away from the plant.

Asplenium nidus

This type of fern can purify the air as well. It removes harmful substances like toluene, xylene, and formaldehyde.

Small plants can add significant ornamental value to the interiors. Choose any palm or fern variety for the office corner to add some green foliage. Otherwise, pick a Aglaonema or Dracaena to add some Feng Shui value to the office space.

Place these plants near a window or door to increase the aesthetics of the room. Or keep a small personal plant on the office desk to break the monotony.