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A little bit of greenery can change the aesthetics and environment of the indoor space completely. Small household plants in stylish planters sitting by the window sill or on the coffee table are a worthy investment.

Those who are worried about space occupancy can choose smaller plants that are both cute but still give the benefits like purification of air and a dash of green in the mundane.

Here are 6 best house plants for smaller rooms that one can find at plant nursery Pune:

1. Jade plants

Jade plants are known to add positive energy that brings in financial prosperity. This is because the leaves of the jade plant resemble coins which are signs of money and growth.

These are small succulent plants that are vividly green and easily grow in the shade with less sunlight. With daily care and proper nutrition, jade plants can have a long life due to their resilient nature. Some of the common varieties are variegated jade plants and bonsai.


2. Succulents

Succulents are the perfect low-maintenance plants that are suitable for indoor spaces. They are small and can fit in smaller planters easily.

They are sturdy and grow well in less water, humid and warmer conditions. Hey comes in various shapes and sizes and is quite beautiful. Some common indoor succulents are Bergenranthus, Aeonium, Agave, Echeveria Elegans, Crassula ovata, etc.

3. Money plants

Money plants are some of the rarer plants that have Feng Shui benefits. It is said to be the harbinger of wealth and prosperity in a household. These plants are perfect for indoors as they do not require regular maintenance and can survive in low light conditions.

They can easily grow in pure water without any additional nutritional source. Money plants also have air-purifying qualities, which will keep indoor air fresh and toxin-free.

4. Aloe

Aloe Vera needs no introduction when it comes to the world of household plants. These succulents are not only a great choice for indoor plants that enhance aesthetics; they have many benefits as well.

The aloe gel is great for skin and hair, and it also helps remove benzene and formaldehyde from indoor air.


5. Cactus 

Those who love cacti can grow small indoor cacti for their small spaces. Usually, cactuses need a lot of sunlight and tend to grow outdoors. But, these can easily be small-sized cacti that do not require much sunlight and can easily grow with less care.

Some popular cacti at a plant shop in Pune are; barrel cactus, bunny ear cactus, dancing bones cactus, etc.

6. Calathea 

Calatheas are also called prayer plants and are commonly planted indoors. They are small yet with big leaves, which vary from variety to variety. These plants grow in less light and should be kept away from direct sunlight. They need some special care so that they can thrive in all seasons. Some common calathea varieties are rattlesnake, peacock, roseopicta, pinstripe, and rufibara.

When it comes to smaller spaces, one should choose petite plants. Plants like calathea, cactus, jade plants, and aloe are not just petite, but, they can easily grow indoors with minimal light and care. They are suitable for living spaces, bedrooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms. One can grow these plants indoors, not only for their beautiful aesthetics but also for cleaner air.