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Our Green Journey

Growing up in a city that falls short of the prescribed 33% green cover, and observing my father being dedicated towards the cause of improving the situation inspired me to venture on my own “Green Journey”. Unlimited Greens was born out of my urge to help people to rekindle their connection with nature that is somehow getting blurry. Through this venture, we hope to support people through their personal journeys of greening not just their homes but also their hearts!


Ojasvi Singh

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Diverse range of plants to find the perfect match for you.

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Your beautiful plant needs a beautiful little home too. Our alluring pots and planters are here to make you and your plants happy!

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Delivering all you will ever need to build an aesthetic garden for yourself.
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Seed Supply

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Buy Plants Online to Transform Your Home Décor

Does your home décor feel simple and bland? Are you bored of it already? Are you looking for easy and affordable ways to transform your living space?

With Unlimited Greens, revamping your home couldn’t get easier. By adding a few beautiful, green plants to your home, you can instantly add colour and aesthetics to every corner of your house.

As the population has been on the rise, we find our living spaces to be reducing in size. Hence, feeling crammed inside our homes isn’t uncommon at all. However, there is a way to make your home feel airy, fresh, and beautiful at the same time.

By adding green plants to your surroundings, you will be able to see a visible difference in your mood. As they are easy to maintain and take up relatively less space, plants make up for the perfect home décor. Whether you live in a spacious home or a small flat,

you can never be wrong when you buy plants online for home décor.

Bring Some Fresh Air Home with Online Plant Shopping at Unlimited Greens! 

It is a reality that the air that surrounds us is heavily polluted. With the many industries releasing poisonous gases into the atmosphere, the burden on our ecosystem is increasing every single day. If you feel suffocated without the lack of fresh air, it is time you add some plants to your surroundings.

Being able to breathe fresh air is your right, and Unlimited Greens is committed to ensuring that.

With our elaborate collection of plants, you will find the right options that refresh your living space. As the best online plant nursery, we display a wide range of options in plants. From indoor plants to outdoor plants, you will find it all at our online portal.

There can be no better way to detox your body than being close to greenery. Create your own green space at your home to make fresh air accessible to you and your family all the time.

Shop from the Best Online Plant Nursery for Your Convenience! 

As a part of the 21st century, technology has become part and parcel of life. We are currently relying on the internet for everything, and shopping is not exempted from it.

From clothes to groceries, we order everything online. So, why go through the hassle of visiting a nursery to pick out your plants when you can have them delivered to your doorstep?

At Unlimited Greens, you will find plants of every category you can order online and bring home hassle-free. As a renowned online plant nursery, we promise to provide a seamless shopping experience to you. Right from our plants' quality to the speed of the delivery,

we will not leave any stone unturned to ensure that you are satisfied.

Unlimited Greens – The Best Online Plant Nursery for Amazing Gifting Experience! 

When it comes to a unique gifting experience, plants know the trick. Giving plants to your loved ones usually carry a heavy symbolic meaning, representing love, care, and concern.

If you truly care about a person, there can be no better way to make the person happy than gifting a plant. Not only do they light up any space, but they also give oxygen to the people. Because of this reason, air purifying plants are quite a trend in unique gifts these days.

However, finding the right place makes all the difference that counts in a gifting experience. With Unlimited Greens, you will get not only access to a wide range of products but also an impeccable delivery service.

Now you can buy your plants online and have them delivered to your friend, colleague, or family member with ease. In case there is a time constraint, we will also offer next day or same-day delivery for your convenience.

Find Exactly What You Need While Online Plant Shopping at Unlimited Greens! 

With an easy interface, browsing through the different plant categories is also very easy. From cactus to bonsai, you will find it all at our online store. When it comes to online plant shopping, you will have the option to browse through the plants based on different categories.

Whether you are looking for zodiac plants or medicinal plants, you can look for them based on specific use. If you are confused about which plants go best in a particular season, you will have us guide you through that as well.

We also have several options ion foliage plants that include jade plants, Croton Plants, Aralia Plants, and many more.

Buy Plants Online at Affordable Prices at Unlimited Greens! 

If you are a plant lover and wish to bring home some beautiful plants to decorate your home interiors, you won’t find a better place to shop than Unlimited Greens. Having been in the industry for more than 30 years, we try to make our products accessible to all.

Find a wide range of plants and planters at outstanding prices at our store. Though we make our plants affordable to all, we do not compromise on the quality we have to offer. When you shop at Unlimited Greens, you are bound to be satisfied by the quality and price. In addition,

you can also avail of offers and discounts that make your purchase worthwhile. Start shopping today!

Online Plant Shopping at Unlimited Greens for Your Outdoor Garden! 

While indoor plants are quite the trend in urban societies, it can never replace the charm of having an outdoor garden. If you are a plant enthusiast and wish to engage in some online plant shopping, you have come to the right place.

At Unlimited Greens, you will get access to a wide range of outdoor plants that suit your needs and preferences.

From Agave Geminiflora to Ajwain, we have a plethora of options in outdoor plants that go well in our outdoor or rooftop garden perfectly. All you have to do is browse through our website, add your favourite plants to the cart and make the payment.

Now, you wait till your gorgeous plants are delivered to your doorstep.

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