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What is your resolution for the New Year? Maybe you want to revive your relationships with long-lost friends, or maybe you want to focus on your health. Some would say they want nothing but to see themselves grow as better human beings. Whatever it is, the ultimate goal is to attain true happiness. Regardless of your individual resolutions, you all want to be happy in the year to come.

And if so, let plants make this goal easier to achieve for you. Yes, research says plants work wonders on people’s mood, and gardening gives joy. So, create a beautiful garden this new year, and have your favourite plants in it. It will surely become your biggest source of happiness. Here are the 10 easiest indoor plants for your new year’s garden. Check out—

  1. Money Plant:

This popular indoor plant is easy to grow and requires little care. According to Feng Shui principles, the money plant creates harmony and prosperity and improves the air quality of your home. It requires well-drained soil and adequate watering. One unique characteristic of this plant is that it can thrive when you underwater it but fails to do so when you overwater.

2. Song of India:

This plant is a native of the Indian Ocean islands. It can grow up to 18 to 20 feet wild, but it can also be grown indoors. It’s also suitable for use as a tabletop plant. It can grow to a maximum height of 3 to 6 feet when used as a houseplant. To keep it in good shape, avoid watering it too often. Also, it likes bright light, but overexposure can burn it.

3. Red Machera:

The plant looks beautiful with its glossy, mid-green leaflets. The plant is compact and easy to care for, although the care it requires is pretty specific. If you understand its requirements well and care for it accordingly, it will grow happily. Red Machira plants require moist soil that is well-drained. When the soil on top of the pot feels dry, water it. It is important not to overwater your plant as this can cause root rot. This plant loves bright, indirect light.

4. Crassula Ovata:

Crassula Ovata is a compact indoor plant with small white or pink flowers. To keep your plant happy, just provide it with a few hours of sunlight each day. It is best to let the soil dry between two consecutive watering sessions. The watering frequency also depends on how humid the immediate surrounding is and how much sunlight the plant gets.

5. Buxus Bonsai:

Buxus can be grown even in a barren area, in full sunlight or shade. They are extremely sturdy and can withstand any kind of weather. They can tolerate constant trimming and can even bud from old timber, which makes them a great choice for bonsai. Buxus can tolerate frost, but those in containers should be kept away from extremely cold temperatures. A cold greenhouse is ideal for them in winter. Although Buxus can be kept indoors, it prefers to be outside in summer. It requires plenty of water in summer, but you should avoid excessive soil moisture.

6. Dracaena Kedarnath:

Dracaena Kedarnath is one of the many members of the Dracaena family. These plants are characterized by an upright, shrub-like growth with an unbranched trunk. This makes them appear extremely attractive. They give off a powerful and positive vibe with their brightly coloured leaves.

Place your Dracaena Kedarnath in a sunny window to allow consistent sunlight. Only water the plant when the soil feels dry. It prefers soil that is well-drained and rich in organic matter.

7. Dracaena Colorama:

The Dracaena Colorama houseplant is becoming increasingly popular among both beginners and professionals. The plant is low-maintenance, and its vibrant leaves can instantly brighten up an interior space. NASA Clean Air Study has shown that Dracaena margarita Colorama can remove volatile pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene from the air. Place your Dracaena Colorama in an area that gets bright indirect sunlight. Between watering sessions, you should let the soil dry to a depth of around 2 inches.

8. Pedilanthus:

With its nearly 2 feet height, it makes for an excellent houseplant. It has tall stems and alternate leaves. The colourful “flowers,” which are actually bracts, make Pedilanthus every gardener’s delight.

This houseplant loves bright indirect sunlight. However, you can plant it in direct sunlight in the fall and winter. Don’t forget to give it some protection from the stinging sun in spring and summer.

Water the plant only when the top 8 cm of the soil is dry. Also, the soil should be kept moist but not soggy.

9. Jade plant:

Lucky jade is indeed lucky. This plant is perfect for those with space constraints. You can mould the crassula to grow into specific shapes, making it an excellent desk plant. It will thrive in bright indirect sunlight to partial sun for years, producing dense, round leaves year after year. The jade is actually succulent. It loves to be watered only when its growing medium gets dry.

10. Areca Palm:

Areca Palms are a striking addition to home interiors. They have lush green fronds and look beautiful. They require indirect sunlight, so place them near a west or south-facing window. Areca palms can become seven feet tall with regular watering and repotting as needed.

Summing up

If you want to add some greenery to your interior space this New Year, bring home the above-listed plants. Having indoor plants has numerous benefits – they help in the purification of air and make the home look beautiful by enhancing the aesthetics of the space. However, it is vital that you choose the right plant varieties that can grow well and thrive indoors without being too fussy. This is especially important if you are a busy professional and don’t have the time for long gardening sessions. Since all of the above plants are easy to grow and care for, they will be your true companion in 2020 and beyond.