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plants in summer

Summer is already here, and we have started preparing ourselves for it. We have initiated the process of obtaining a cooler and air conditioner, and we have regulated things in life to suit the heavy heat that will hit us soon. We even paint our walls white so that it does not absorb much heat. But, as we are preparing for the heat, have we thought about the other members of our house? Not the ones that walk on feet, but the ones that help us breathe.


Plants are autotrophs in nature. This means that they use the sun’s energy to produce food, and they take up carbon dioxide to release oxygen into the environment. Since they produce their food with the help of sunlight, summer would be the perfect season for them, right?

Why should we take extra care for plants in summer?

Let’s talk about the summer heat first. You can visit the online nursery Delhi to set up your plants, and as a resident of Delhi, you will understand what summer feels like. Sometimes it even crosses the 35°C mark, and the road feels like a hot plate. You can imagine how hard the summer would be for us. Water and heat are good for us because we are warm-blooded animals. However, heat from the sun is not something that should be taken lightly.

We need to understand that plants also need to be taken care of in summer, just like us. Desert plants such as acacia arabica, gum Arabia, cactus, and aloe vera do not need any attention because summertime is the best time.

However, if you have any plants that are indoor plants, including small vegetable plants, flowers, bonsai, or even simple herbs like coriander, you need to be very careful this summer.

Things that you need to do this summer for your plants

There are a million things you could do to save your plants this summer. These things would define how your plant would be and how they would react to the scorching sun. They are as follows:-

  • Anti-ant spray:-

Since water is so scarce in summer for animals and insects alike, it is possible to have an ant invasion in your indoor jungle. You may see many ants crawling around the fruit and flower section of the plant, as they rely on the water content and the sugar content to feed them selves.

If you are not worried about them harming your plant, you can skip this point. However, if you have fruits that could worsen due to ants, you can spray an anti-ant solution from the market or make one yourself. You can make it by boiling neem leaves and spraying the boiled water around your plant.

  • Raise the dead:-

You can get fresh and easy maintenance plants from online plants delivered in Delhi in a few days at affordable prices. Plants do not die, and some parts of the plant can always be used to regrow them back to life.

However, you can bring them back to life if your plants have dropped from standing in the heat, dried up, or even turned yellow. The magic potion you have to prepare consists of turmeric and water. If you spray this magic potion on the top of these dried plants, it will jump-start the hormone mechanism inside, and it will help the growth hormones succeed in restoring the plant’s life.

  • Constant water supply:-

You should check YouTube for this trick as it would involve you making something that would help your plants have a continuous water supply for many days. The idea behind this process is that the amount of water needed for plants is different in a different environments.

During summer, the transpiration pull is the greatest, and there is a constant loss of water due to evaporation. Because of this, you would need to have a constant water supply for the plant that the plant would intake as needed. You can make a constant water supply for the plant by cutting a Coca-Cola bottle in half, attaching a sponge, or making a hole through the bottle cap. You can hang this DIY constant water supply tool above your plants, and you don’t even have to worry about watering them every day.