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Summer is approaching in many areas of the world, and with it comes the troubles that come with it, such as sweating, constantly feeling thirsty, finding reasons to stay at home, and yelling “it’s too hot” 100 times a day do. But we all know it’s part of nature, and we have to deal with it, but is there any way to enjoy our summers with a more relaxed attitude or without becoming upset; I used to get irritated a lot, and what to do when it’s too hot?


Nature is the solution to the summer problem that nature has provided; isn’t that fascinating? You are undoubtedly wondering how today’s article will teach you about five summer plants you won’t regret purchasing; Please don’t give me that puzzled expression; I know you are wondering, What is the connection between planting and summer?


How Summer-Friendly Plants are  helpful?


As I previously stated, summers can be pretty bothersome at times, but nature has its healing methods. At the very least, by planting some summer plants from plants online Pune, you can make your garden appear fresh in temperatures above 30 degrees, which will ease your attitude. Could you not take my word for it? Take a moment to imagine yourself sitting in your garden, surrounded by lovely and refreshing plants, sipping tea in the morning; isn’t it relaxing?

Take a look at the plants that you can buy in the summer.

During summers, gardens require comparatively more nurturing and care, but some plants bloom without much effort.


Here is the list of such plants

  • Marigold: Everyone is familiar with this lovely flower that serves medicinal and religious purposes in addition to adding color to your yard. You may be aware that marigolds are an excellent source of pest management because they repel insects, so you may grow them near flowers that are more susceptible to insects.
  • Aloe Vera: It would be an insult to talk about summers without including Aloe Vera, as this plant can withstand the hottest summer months because it needs is bright sunlight. It keeps the temperature lower around it and is an excellent source for sunburns. So, if you forget to bring your sunscreen to the beach, Aloe Vera will save the day.


  • Lilies: Let me begin by saying that I adore lilies as a decorative or ornamental component in homes. This flower can withstand harsh weather conditions. The beautiful feature of this flower is that it prevents the loss of surplus moisture by allowing its leaves to dry up while keeping the bloom’s primary bulb alive. Even flowers know how to stay alive in the summer, but I don’t.


  • Spider Plant: No, it doesn’t refer to a spider-infested plant. This is the easiest plant to cultivate indoors because it lowers the temperature around you and requires a sprinkling of water to keep it happy.
  • Sunflower: Ahaa; as the name goes, it is a flower of the sun; lousy joke, please don’t say anything. Sunflowers can survive in extreme weather conditions. Be careful not to overwater the plant because this will damage the plant’s support from the soil.

Summers can be difficult for plants and gardening, so I hope this article has given you some ideas about what plants you can grow in these harsh conditions. For more information, why not pay a visit to a nursery like the best plant nursery in Pune, India; you never know what else you will learn there.