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San Pedro Cactus is the most popular columnar cactus grown in many parts of the world. Its scientific name is Echinopsis pachanoi. It is natively found in Andes Mountains (South America) as it thrives at higher altitudes 6000-9000ft approximately. It is also found in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Argentina as it is easy & fast to grow and has many benefits; it is cultivated worldwide and has different names at different places, for instance, Achuma, Cactus of four winds, san pedro cactus, or huachuma, etc.

It is widely cultivated as ornamental cactus only as in many countries, its sale and consumption are illegal due to mescaline, a psychedelic drug.


It is a multi-stemmed plant that can reach up to 20 feet in height and has a width of around 6-15 cm. The colour of the stem ranges from light-dark green depending upon the age of the plant. It has 6-8 ribs, and every rib has areoles that produce seven to eight spines of light brown and dark yellow colour. It also blooms white flowers at the end of the stem around July. The flowers are open at night and last for two days only, havea delightful fragrance and look fantastic. It also produced edible and yummy fruit called Pitahaya.

Benefits of San Pedro Cactus

San Pedro cactus is used by shamans in healing ceremonies for thousands of years and it is still followed in regions such as Peru, Ecuador, northern Chile, etc.

Its healing and medicinal properties are due to the presence of mescaline, which plays a major role in altering consciousness.

San Pedro cactus has another property that is also the reason for its medicinal properties, called the diuretic property. The diuretic property enables the removal of liquids and cleanses the organisms.

It has been used for ages to treat headaches, kidney pain, healing wounds, and hypertension.

Though this plant is easy to grow still, knowing a few tips will help you take care of it better. So, in this article, we have given some tips that you can follow and learn how to take care of your cacti.


San Pedro Cactus can withstand extreme dryness and heat when it is full-grown, the range of minimum temperature it is grown is -9.4 ℃ to 10 ℃. The seedlings still need proper protection from the sun. It can withstand extreme temperatures as it is grown naturally in Andes mountain.

It needs more nutrients in soil than regular cactus as its natural habitat has rich nutrient soil, another thing is it may not need water for weeks, but if it dried too much can affect the root, and your plant can die.

You can grow san pedro cactus in India by keeping the given points of cultivation and care in your mind. There are many legal sites where you can get your san pedro cactus indiabeautify your garden and home with this cactus species.

How to care for san Pedro cactus?

Though it is cactus, that can grow in extreme weather and survive still, it doesn’t mean it does not need your care, attention and love.

Let’s see some tips that will help you care for your cacti:

Outdoor or indoor

It depends on the temperature of your region – a temperate temperature region is ideal for outdoor cultivation.

If the temperature is not temperate, then indoors is better for san pedro cactus cultivation, but you may need additional lighting for indoor cultivation.

Healthy and one-year cacti can withstand 10℃.


If you are growing san Pedro cactus indoors, then make sure to put it on the window sill in the sun’s direction and water it weekly during winters or more often in hot summers.

When you are growing the plants outdoor, make sure you water them often on summer days and weekly in winter as water is not evaporated during winters.

Fungal infection

 If you overwater it, make sure that the water is well-drained from the pot to prevent fungal infections as they are very general in cactus. The most common are witch broom disease and orange rot.

If your plant gets a fungal infection, make sure you remove the affected part with a clean knife or do some cutting of your cacti.


The soil is rich in nutrients is needed for the healthy growth of san Pedro cactus, so it may require some added dilute fertilizers.So, this is all for san pedro cactus and its care.

Additional tip – Make sure you always pay attention to your plant and shower your love to them.