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Bringing your first plant home can be very intimidating. There is a huge variety of indoor plants to choose from. If you are new to plant parenthood, you might have no idea which plants to bring home. Having plants in your house is similar to having kids around. Just like a toddler needs to be looked after very carefully, so do the baby plants. Some plants require more care and attention than others. However, the feeling of seeing your baby plant grow up healthy is unparalleled.

If you are new to this, it is advisable that you bring hassle free plants home first. Any new plant parent will find these tips handy when sprucing up their house with a little greenery:

Snake Plant

This plant is also known as “mother-in-law’s tongue” due to its longevity. It does not require much light to survive. Water it moderately according to the level of humidity and you’ll be good to go. This is a compact variety of plant which makes a good first time indoor plant choice.


This is an air plant which does not require soil to grow. All you need to do is place the bamboo stalks in a pot full of water with pebbles or marbles at the bottom. Keep watering it sparingly to keep it alive. However, the bamboo sometimes tends to outgrow the size of its pot. In such a case, simply shift the stalks and pebbles from the existing pot to a bigger one.


The leaves of this plant hold water really well. Even if you miss watering it once in a while, the plant will survive and bounce back. This plant can handle any light level. It is not necessary to always keep it in bright sunlight. You might keep it on a window sill or in your office – it would continue to live.


Over watering these plants might make them rot. Therefore, these come in very handy to a new plant parent. Even two waterings a month can also suffice.

Spider Plant

Put your spider plant in a bright spot if you want it to grow fast. However, it can even handle low light. This plant can also survive in a windowless fluorescent light-filled office. It can survive a few missed waterings here and there, hence it comes quite hassle free.

For a beginner plant parent, it can get a bit difficult to look after the plants initially. However, these houseplant care tips will come in very handy:

Get To Know Your Plant

Just like different individual human beings, every plant is different. Getting to know which plant requires how much care and attention is essential. Do not fuss over the growth and maintenance. Just enjoy the positive environment plants create in your home.

Do Not Over Water Your Plants

Over watering the plants does not induce faster growth. Plants do not like to be seated in soggy soil. Make it a habit to drain out the excess water from the saucer after watering your plants.

Choose the Right Pot and Spot

The size of the plant pot and the place where it is kept,are things which you cannot miss upon. You might not realize but this placement can affect your plant’s growth in excellent or adverse ways.

Have Patience

Some plants take more time than others to adjust to their new home. If a plant drops off a few leaves in the first couple of weeks, do not panic. Give it some time to get familiar to its new surroundings. If the falling of leaves becomes a routine, then this is a matter of concern. In this case, you can reach out for professional assistance.

In today’s modern busy lifestyle, hassle free plants like these are no less than a boon. Low in maintenance, they do not consume a lot of your time yet add to the beauty of your indoor space. At Unlimited Greens, you get the plants of your choice with just the tap of a button.