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oregano organically

Do you love to maintain a kitchen garden at home? Is planting herbs and flowers your hobby? Are you passionate about growing greenery around you? Well, why not because having such vegetation around pleases your senses and may also reap some goodies. Even if you are not fond of such an activity or find it tough to maintain a garden, there is something you can do easily and productively. Everybody loves to sprinkle some oregano on pizza, pasta, and several other tasty dishes. So, how about adding such a flavor straightaway from your plantation?

And, do not worry about the hassles because there are not any. Growing oregano is easy, quick, and very delicious. Be it for home or commercial purposes, read on to know more about this fabulous herb and its planting procedure.

Some background info about Oregano

Before moving towards the sowing steps, it is imperative to gain some info about the herb you are about to grow. Here are some quick facts about the same.

  • It comes from Lamiaceae; meaning it is an herb from the mint family.
  • The scientific name of this herb is OriganumVulgare and many people also call it origanum or wild marjoram.
  • The hills of Mediterranean countries and Western Asia are considered to be the home origin of oregano. Mexico and USA also have a link to the same relation.
  • Its dried leaves, flavorful taste, and appetizing aroma make it popular in several cooking techniques. The love of Greeks and Italians for this herb is worldwide.

Tips on planting Oregano organically

Get seeds from a reputed nursery along with some aiding tools like shovel, spade, fork, etc. Let’s know the waited organic procedure now.

  • Preparing- Planters should prefer sandy soil for the best results but anything else will also do the job well. The exciting thing about growing oregano is that you can also choose containers if garden space is confined or unavailable. Make sure that the plantation site gets plenty of sunlight. Winds and shade will damage the oregano plantation. Feed the soil with organic manure bought from a sincere shop or made at home.Sunlight and soil are crucial for a wowing harvest.
  • Sowing- Choose between sowing seeds or planting a seedling as per your preference. Seeds may take around a month or two to germinate properly. So, you might want to take the time factor in consideration for sowing. Another significant point for full reap would be to plant different sets of oregano at some distance. Ensure that there is a difference of one to two feet between two seedlings. Increase the distance for better air circulation if the site is prone to humidity.

  • Maintaining- When it comes to the maintenance part of oregano, there will be no hassles required. Unlike many other plants, oregano does not require much water. So, do not commit the mistake of watering the plantation every then and now. Oregano grows best in dry conditions with little water. If you have added compost to the soil in the preparation stage itself,you will not have to worry about frequent fertilization later. However, container-plantation may require organic add-ons periodically.
  • Harvesting- Growing oregano is so easy that it will be time for harvestingwithout any demanding efforts. Remember, to proceed with harvesting only when flowers have started to grow. Picking oregano leaves before the eruption of flowers will result in wastage of previous efforts and time. Cutting oregano leave at this point will ensure fullest flavor and pleasing aroma. Let the cut leaves dry for some time, and then you may crush or grind as per your preference.

Voila! Your organic oregano is ready to enhance your meals.

All things considered:-Oregano is a natural herb loved by innumerable foodies all around the world. Be it an olive-oil prepared dish or a tomato-based recipe, oregano will add sumptuous taste to every bite. Sprinkling organic oregano on all snacks and meals can even bring in more perks besides appreciable flavor. Oregano may tackle inflammation and act as a pain reliever in some cases. Include this minty herb in your kitchen garden to get antibiotics antioxidants also.

Remember to buy it from a reliable offline or online nursery only. Happy planting!