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The fall season is one of the amazing times of the year when we see beautiful warm-toned leaves adorning the trees! It is a visual delight and no less than a sight to behold. If you love the warm-toned surroundings, how about bringing the same to your house! Get warm toned plants into your indoor space and transform the feel of your home.

You don’t need to always go with green plants. There are so many colours that nature has to offer. Experiment a bit and get a warm colour palette for your home year-round and not just in October. Having these lovely plants will help you soak in the golden hour glow all day long.

You can buy indoor plants online from Unlimited Greens. We offer a wide array of plants, including beautiful warm-toned plants. These plants are not just a way of enhancing the beauty of your interiors but also a way of establishing a connection with greenery and nature, which has somewhere lost in urban areas. We aspire to offer the best plant and pot varieties to everyone via an online plant store. Our timely online indoor plant delivery ensures that your favorite plants reach your doorstep within 5-7 business days.

Let us look at some lovely warm-toned plants that can beautifully adorn your home:

  • Croton

Croton is just like a statement piece. It is an ultra-vibrant plant that pleases the senses. It can be found in varieties of yellow, red, orange, and lime green colours. If you wish to go overboard with a warm tone, then gold dust croton is a perfect choice for you. The leaves will look like yellow paint splattered all over.

For maintaining the beauty and glow of these plants, give them 6-8 hours of direct sunlight every day. Place them in the South or West facing window. They are tropical plants and prefer humidity. If the air is dry at home, then mist them regularly.

  • Red Aglaonema

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This evergreen plant comes with big, bright red and green leaves. The pattern on the leaves might vary based on the variety. While some have red trim, others may have red centres. In fact, some are entirely red. These plants are low-maintenance, and they survive in partial to full sunlight. Water them just once in a week or two.

  • Kalanchoe

Though the plant has green foliage, the amazing flowers show in warm-toned colours. The flowers bloom for quite a long time. Kalanchoe can sustain in lower lighting, but the best flowers can be achieved when put in brighter areas. Don’t overwater the plant as it is basically a succulent. Allow the soil to dry out between the watering.

  • Bromeliads

These plants come with a unique colourful centre that looks like flowers. These plants grow in layered and spiralling shapes. Sometimes they can be one solid colour such as blush red, lemon yellow, or magenta. Others may have colour gradients like the ombre effect. They need a shallow container with loose potting, which allows air circulation. They don’t have a long life, but when they get old, they produce pups. You can plant these pups and grow a whole new plant.

  • California sunset echeveria

It is an amazing succulent with a rosette shape. It can be arranged in various ways in pots and containers. Their leaves range from soft, muted yellowy-green tones to warmer orange tones. The edges are usually trimmed with lovely rosy pink. Plant them in a loose potting mix made especially for succulents. Place them under a spot for the good sun.

  • Golden Pothos

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Pothos is a popular houseplant that is easy to grow and maintain. It has lovely trailing, which creates long vines of leaves pouring out from the container. So, it is an ideal plant for a hanging basket. The leaves are painted with streaks of buttery yellow. This gives the plant a beautiful soft glow.

For indoor plant online shopping, trust Unlimited Greens, and you will never be disappointed. You can explore the range of plants on our website and pick your favourite ones. These days’ indoor plants are very much a part of the interiors. So, you might find something that suits your aesthetic sensibilities.

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