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Is Your Plant Dying1

It’s usual for people to stop caring for a plant that seems like it won’t live for long. But you shouldn’t do that. Sometimes, even though a plant may appear dead, it still has some life and can miraculously grow back with proper care. So, we will discuss some tips on how to bring back a dead plant to life.

Remember, even though the leaves of a plant look papery and dry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t be saved. For signs of life, check the roots and stems— if you want to revive the plant, they should be flexible and firm. The stems must be greenish inside. Hence, a plant can’t survive if its roots and stems are mushy or brittle.

So, is it possible to bring back to life a seemingly dead plant? Yes! However, it is important to remove all the dead parts. This will allow the plant to use its energy to live on the remaining bits. First, trim all dead leaves. Next, trim the dead stems one-third at a time until you start to see signs of growth. Note that the trimmed stems can be regrown.

Now, let’s delve right into the tips—

  • Don’t remove every bit of a stem—

Don’t cut the stems to the root when they are dead. Keep about 5 cm of stem above the soil. These stems will show new growth if you are able to revive the plant.

  • Finding out the problem with a plant is extremely important—

There are many reasons your plants could be dying. It is important to determine what the root cause of your problem is. You should consider all possible causes, including the amount of water it has been given, its plant nutrition, pests, diseases, and whether it gets enough sunlight.

  • Your plant might be thirsty—

Brown leaves with curled edges or dryness around the edges are clear signs your plant is thirsty. You will also notice dry soil around your roots. The solution to a plant dying because of low hydration is watering.

  • You can also transfer your dehydrated plant to a humid place—

You may find that watering your plant alone is not enough to revive it after it has dried out. This is especially true if you forget to water it often. Move it to a moist area, away from direct sunlight, such as your bathroom. You can then let the plant absorb water through its leaves and also improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom at the same time.

  • Try to provide your plants with only filtered water—

Some plants are sensitive to the chemicals found in tap water, including fluoride and chloride. Chlorinated water can cause the death of bamboo, for instance. Filtered water is better than water from the tap. You can also install a rainwater tank and make use of this water as an alternative. Filtered water is especially helpful for dying plants.

  • If your plant is overwatered, just replant it—

Overwatered plants will appear wilted. The plant may have yellow or brown leaves that look dead, even though the soil is moist. Replanting your plant in dry soil is the best option if your plant is suffering from the problem of over-watering.

  • It’s best to avoid using fertilizer when your plant is dying—

Although it may seem tempting to fertilize your plant with fertilizer, just don’t. Fertilizers can cause damage to tender roots if a plant is in trouble. Wait until the plant is fully recovered.

  • Show your plant some sun—

Some plants need lots of light in order to thrive. If the plant isn’t getting enough sunlight, it will develop weak stems and small leaves. It will also slow down its growth. Sometimes, all it takes to revive a plant is to open the curtains and let the sun in. You can also move the plant to a sunny spot and let it be there.


So, one thing that you can easily infer from the above discussion is that there is no single reason behind the weakening of plants or their death. Sometimes, it’s an excess of sun exposure, and at other times underexposure could be the culprit. At times, plants get unhappy when they are under-watered, and on other occasions, overwatering could lead to their death. So, the best way to maintain your plants’ good health is by following best gardening practices and trying to strike a balance in what your plants are exposed to. Besides, you should keep checking the condition of your plants on a daily basis. It’s only with proper care that you can make your plants live long.