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The air quality around us has deteriorated over the years. Pollution and reckless actions have contributed to poor air quality. The festive season has made things even worse for air quality due to crackers. It is time we take conscious steps to keep our surroundings clean and improve the air quality to keep our families safe.


Here’s a look at simple and effective tips for keeping your home smoke-proof:

  • Get thicker curtains

You can get thick curtains for your home to keep the smoke away. Getting thicker curtains doesn’t mean you compromise on style quotient. You can get fancy curtains in different shapes and prints but choose them in thicker fabric. This will prevent the pollutants from entering inside.

  • Wearing a face mask

While it has become a part of our routine to wear a mask during the pandemic, you can make it a point to wear it at home, especially these days when there is excessive pollution, and air quality is compromised. This will prevent you from falling sick.

  • Add greenery to your home

The indoor plants not only purify the air but also beautify your living room. The spider plants, peace lily, lucky bamboo, and money plant are all helpful in the purification of air inside your home. You can place them not only in the living room but also in the bathroom, balcony, or bedroom. They also offer added benefits of relieving stress and boosting your focus and concentration. Adding greenery to your home is a lifestyle change that you must adopt. It will benefit your physical and mental health in the long run.

  • Plant trees


While this can’t keep you smoke-free right now but you can certainly reap the benefits over time. If you have some space outdoors or in the backyard, you must certainly grow plants and trees. They help in keeping your surroundings clean and offer fresh air. Trees also help in reducing heat in your surroundings. You can enjoy a cool breeze even during hotter seasons. You will thank yourself tomorrow for planting trees today!

If you are wondering where to get plants for your home, you can purchase plants online from Unlimited Greens. We offer a wide array of plants for meeting the diversified needs of people. You can find floral plants, herbs, cactus, and a lot more from our online store. Just browse through the options and place the order online. The plants will be delivered to your doorstep within a few days. We also offer pots, garden décor, and garden accessories to beautify your garden.

People have lost touch with greenery in urban areas. We aspire to help people connect with nature again. By offering easy access to plants, we want you to witness the wonders that plants can do for you.

Gift your loved ones the privilege of fresh air by adding greenery to your home from our online plant store. We only wish good health and fresh air for our patrons.

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