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Aglaonema Snow White


Allamanda Creeper (Yellow)


Alocasia Cucullata


Areca Palm


Barrel Cactus


Boston Fern Basket


Carmona Bonsai


Shop for plants with homely comfort from Unlimited Greens in Bengaluru

Living in the Silicon Valley of India and living a fast-paced life often has some setbacks, like you cannot often go out shopping, visit a plant nursery, etc., on weekdays. Well, we are not sure about other stuff, but we can help you shop your favorite houseplants on weekdays without even bothering you to step out of your zone. You can even order your plants from your office cubicle with simple clicks.

So, introducing us as – Unlimited Greens, we are a popular online shop for buying an indigenous variety of plants for indoor and outdoor use. Besides offering beautiful plants to shop online, we also keep a huge collection of pots, planters, garden tools & accessories.

So, bring out your hidden passion for plants which is pilled under the compulsion of a 9 to 6 job. Order online from our plant nursery in Bengaluru and receive it at your doorstep within a few working days.

Don’t have to spend a lot of time placing an order with us

We are proud of our simple yet elegant website’s user interface, which helps you direct easily from one category to another. You don’t have to input unnecessary time jumping from one section to another.

For your choices and selection, we have nicely categorized our products and plants into discrete categories.

Some of the major categories include;

  • Pots and Planters
  • Plants
  • Garden Accessories

Within these major categories are subcategories listing plants based on their types, foliage, use, and season. It is great, isn’t it?

Get innumerable options to choose from plants 

If you wish to buy plants online Bengaluru, then we should be your first choice. Once you visit us online, in no time, we will become your forever choice. Well, we have a reason for that. We provide you with innumerable choices in plants and pots.

Our website category is adorned with premium choices whether you wish to have indoor plants, outdoor plants, cactus & succulents, ferns, ficus & figs, flowering plants, or herbs. Just choose according to your liking and add to the cart.

But wait, the list is not complete yet. We also have segregated plant varieties based on their use. You get air-purifying plants, hanging plants, plants with medicinal properties, ornamental plants, aromatic plants and plants related to your zodiac.

We also have low-maintenance plants in our online nursery. These plants are mostly shopped by professionals who love plants but could not spend considerable time in their care and maintenance. Our low maintenance plants need little water and care to survive.

Order combination of plants with pots and planters from website

It is also a huge trouble people often face; they don’t get matching pots with their plants. But don’t worry! We at Unlimited Greens have considered this problem and provided unique combinations of plants and pots. In the present moment, no other nursery, whether online or offline, is providing the same.

Our unique pots and plants combinations are worth buying. They make the perfect fit with the interior of your house at all costs. The pots available on our online store come into a variety too for individual selection. You can choose them based on color, shape, material, and usage.

Your online transactions are secured without any hidden charges

We believe in ethics, and hence, we keep your payment transparent and devoid of any hidden charges. In fact, our website has a secured payment gateway that protects your personal data and keeps it safe.

Get to see your order getting packed through video

Again, this is a unique concept brought by Unlimited Greens for the trust and satisfaction of our lovely customers. Having understood your quality concerns, we have deduced this marvelous idea of providing quality check video free of cost for your first order.

You can watch your plants and pots being packed leaning on your couch or while working in your office cubicle. So, order with us now to buy plants online Bengaluru. We at present have exciting offers too.

We stay with you for after-care of plants as well

As you become our customer, you become one of the family members of Unlimited Greens online plant nursery. Therefore, your satisfaction becomes our priority. Henceforth, we also have a unique service for you called as Post-Delivery Care. You can also avail of this service from your comfort zone and ask queries related to post-delivery care of your online ordered plants with us.

So, with so many things to get from Unlimited Greens, why don’t you place your first order with us. We await your order soon!

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