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Aglaonema Combo


Aglaonema Snow White


Allamanda Creeper (Yellow)


Alocasia Cucullata


Areca Palm


Barrel Cactus


Boston Fern Basket


Grow Your Terrace Garden with Plants Ordered From UnlimitedGreens in Chennai

A little piece of greenery is nothing much to desire. It is possible and accessible if you know us at UnlimitedGreens. We are an online plant nursery in Chennai with a wide range of plants to order from alongside pots, planters, garden tools. In fact, we helped many families grow their rooftop gardens by ordering plants and pots online with us.

We don’t boast, however, many of our customers have got us as their ultimate option for hassle-free and safe plants delivery services in Chennai. So, be a part of the huge family of UnlimitedGreens and order plants of your choice anytime, anywhere. You name it; we have it!

More than 30 years of experience tells it all

The founder of UnlimitedGreens has more than 30 years of experience in dealing with equipment, tools, and decor items related to the garden. The legacy as it is carry forwarded by their daughter with a modern taste. However, with time, the experience only has grown to new heights and help founders to build an online store to make buying plants and garden-related stuff hassle-free.

Every now and then, our team keeps on adding new species of plants to our online inventory so that you don’t have to do the hard work of finding them in local markets and nurseries situated in the outskirts of Chennai.

Order at the comfort of your couch or cubicle space

Earlier, you had to walk down the nursery travelling miles to get a small plant for your garden space. On the contrary, UnlimitedGreens has made the nursery come to you without putting in any potential effort.

At present, you are boss of your own convenience and can access our online store sitting in your home or office cubicle while travelling on the road or touring around the world. All you have to do is bookmark our webpage on your Smartphone’s homepage and order whenever you find the need.

Get a variety of cactus and succulents delivered at your doorstep

Cactus and succulents are low-maintenance plants. They require less water, less care and less space. Thus, these beautiful succulents and cactus make the best in-house plants for working professionals and full-time house makers. So, if you are also a full-time professional or a house maker with desires to grow an in-house or balcony garden, these plants are the best fit for you.

If you are worried about good quality and safe delivery, buy plants online Chennai from UnlimitedGreens. We are proud to take forward our legacy of UBER quality plant delivery and maintain a huge list of happy clients.

Our delivery network is expanded throughout the Indian states and still expanding. Within a maximum of seven working days, your online ordered plants will reach your doorstep.

Give plants as a token of healthy life and nature to your kids

We owe our kids and their kids a lot for ruining the balance of nature and its resources. They deserve the green cover, pollution-free air and balanced climate more than skyscrapers and ever-expanding concrete jungle.

But unfortunately, most of us are doing the reverse of this. They are cutting down trees and natural reserves in the name of infrastructure development without even thinking that this exploitation may worsen global issues like GreenHouse Emissions, Climate Change, Air Pollutions, etc.

Well, what is done cannot be undone now. It will take millions of decades to re-grow the lost green cover and recycle natural resources. Therefore do what is necessary at present. Gift your kids a piece of nature by ordering online plants on their birthdays or other special occasions.

By this way, you will not only gift them fresh air and health but at the same time impart the importance of nature and its elements. You can gift plants to all occasions and to people of all age limits.

Order now and get your first quality check video free 

People trust online deliveries but not to an extent. They remain skeptical about the delivered quality. However, with UnlimitedGreens, you won’t have to bother at all. With our discrete packaging and breathable packaging, plants out for delivery remain fresh as always.

In addition, we have started one of its kinds Quality-Check-Video service if you buy plants online Chennai with us. In this service, we provide the first quality check video free of cost. In that video, you can see the ordered plant, pot or planter being packed for you.

So, visit us online now and start adding plants to your cart!!!

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