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Aglaonema Snow White


Allamanda Creeper (Yellow)


Alocasia Cucullata


Areca Palm


Barrel Cactus


Boston Fern Basket


Carmona Bonsai


Every one of us wants a little piece of nature, but in search of diamonds, we have lost gold. Surrounded by concrete jungle, we have lost green cover around us. But don’t worry! You have got us -Unlimited Greens, an online plant nursery in Kolkata, to order as much as plants you desire to adorn your private garden. We strive hard to make your private garden a reality by supplying the best and handpicked plants, pots to your doorstep without giving you much work to do.

Unlimited Greens has extravagant varieties of plants

You don’t have control over the outside world, which is fine. But you can definitely have control over what should be growing inside. Thus, take charge in your hands and add some of the best indoor plants in your cart to place your first order with us.

On our website, we have a vast list of indoor plants, including air-purifying plants and aromatic plants. The air purifying plants will clean the air circulating indoors and free it from toxins like carbon monoxide, trichloroethylene, benzene, etc. On the other hand, the aromatic plants create an aromatic surrounding by releasing a mild and soothing smell.

So, whether you have pets causing pungent smell around the house or you live nearby a bustling road being a major source of outdoor and indoor pollution, bring home the air purifying and aromatic plants.

Order zodiac based plants online with us

Not all people believe in stars, planetary movements, and their effects on our zodiac signs. But those who believe it and have benefited by following their intellect know that things related to zodiac predictions work. But let the thing be.

Here on our website, we have zodiac-based plants for people having their belief in zodiac signs. So, if you are one of them or have an immediate family member or friends being involved in the same, zodiac plants are the best gift.

Yes, you can even send plants through our website to your friends and family in Kolkata on the occasions like festivals, anniversary celebrations, New Year, Christmas, birthdays, etc. We even have a unique gift section as well. In that section, you find other plant and garden decor-related stuff to order online. 

An aesthetically curated range of potted plants to order online

Unlimited Greens, with 30 years of experience in plant keeping, has a huge range of plants and pots combo, which is curated exclusively for people with a keen love for interior and aesthetics. We know that an indoor plant potted in a beautiful and artistic pot, be it ceramic, clay, or wooden, will go hand in hand with the interior design of your living space.

Therefore, we have specially created the potted plants range so that you don’t have to physically wander in local markets and deal with pricey suppliers to get what you need.

Instead, you can simply buy plants online Kolkata with us while sipping your hot cup of Americano and tucked in your lounger.

Order plants, pots, and planters without worrying about quality 

We deliver what we show online on our website. Customers’ trust and belief are the elements that our team cherishes for. Therefore, we are highly transparent about delivery and delivered quality.

In fact, so that you don’t doubt about the quality, we offer a quality check video of your order being packed. In addition, you get your first quality check video free of cost.

Well, this is our gesture of saying ‘trust us!’ In revert, we also need motivation that only comes when we pack plants to deliver at your doorstep. So, without thinking much, get your Smartphone in your hands and browse down our categories to order online.

Get our expert’s after-care tips for plants. 

Our services don’t end post-delivery of your plants. Instead, we are more active in helping you in all possible ways. So, if you are worried about plants not surviving in your house, ask us. We will be available throughout any mode of communication to assist you.

For any queries or concerns, just text, email, or call us. Our expert customer support will respond as soon as possible.

You can have a one-on-one talk with them for post-delivery care, maintenance, and quantity of water and fertilizer to be given. Our experts will answer your queries and will clear any dilemma regarding plants’ care.

Order online from Unlimited Greens now

Until you haven’t purchased plants online Kolkata from Unlimited Greens, how would you know about our services?! Thus, without much ado, visit us online and place your first order with us.

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