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Get the Best Tree Ferns from Unlimited Greens

The tree ferns are statement plants with thick stems and lovely tropical foliage. It is beautiful for adding visual height to your space. It can grow happily, both, indoors and outdoors. It is a fabulous choice of greenery for gardeners who are just beginning their gardening journey.

Unlimited Greens offer an amazing variety of ferns for your home. You can buy fern plants online for yourself or gift it on special occasions. We deliver our plants in beautiful pots across all Indian cities. Just pick a plant of your choice, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

How to take care of the fern plant?

  • Use a liquid feed every month diligently to keep the fern plant healthy.
  • It is recommended to re-pot the plant once every year. And, place them into bigger pots.
  • Replace the old soil with fresh nutrient-rich soil during the re-potting process.
  • The easy way of propagating fern is through plant offsets, which develop from roots or the trunk. You can also propagate them through spores underneath the leaves.

Issues that you can face with ferns:- 

  • Reasons for fronds of ferns reducing in number

This can be a sign of insufficient watering. If the fern plant is drying, the fronds will reduce in number, and the stem will start getting thinner due to dryness.

  • How to know if you are overwatering

Ferns respond well to water, so there is nothing like overwatering. There won’t be any side effects.

  • Reason for fern plant turning brown

When the fern plant begins to turn brown, it is a sign of under-watering. It is a sign that the plant is on the verge of dying. You can place it in shade and water it regularly to bring it back to life.

How to use it for décor?

  • The fern plant grows the best in bright yet indirect light or under dappled shade.
  • It is better to keep the fern plant in a shaded location indoor/ outdoor with some humidity. This is the perfect setting for the fern to grow.
  • You can plant the fern in a ceramic pot and keep it in a corner against a plain wall. This would look amazing in modern and minimalistic home décor.
  • If you are short on floor space, consider hanging planters to hang your lush green beauty. It flourishes in a hanging planter.
  • You can also add them to your outdoor décor by placing them in the patio or garden.
  • You can place them near flower beds, line them along the driveway, or place them near the outdoor seating area.
  • You can keep fern plants in your lobbies and balconies as well.
  • Fern plants are perfect for commercial and office space as well.

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