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Aeonium Arboreum


Agave Geminiflora




Allamanda Creeper (Yellow)


Aloe Rauhii


Aloe Vera




Asparagus Dwarf


Asparagus Meyeri


Explore Exquisite Range of Outdoor Plants Online from Unlimited Greens

Benefits of having outdoor plants

Having plants at home can be one of the best investments for you. They not only look stunning but also offer a host of mental and physical health benefits! Plants keep the air around you fresh and remove the toxins which in turn brings a sense of calmness and relaxation. Just the sight of outdoor plants can bring peace and serenity and boost your mood. Apart from these benefits, plants also help in enhancing the look & feel of your outdoors. You can explore your creative side by innovating with lovely landscaping and garden to add charm to the entrance of your home.

About Us

Unlimited Greens, a unit of Greenways Nursery, offers a wide variety of outdoor plants online. These plants are perfect for your home exteriors both beauty and functionality-wise. We offer great quality plants at affordable prices across the nation with our online delivery service. The plants are delivered to your doorstep within 5-7 business days.

We strive to re-establish your lost connection with nature and greenery, especially for people in urban areas. Apart from an amazing collection of plants, you can also choose from garden accessories, tools, and décor pieces.

Tips for Choosing Outdoor plants

  • You must always choose a different variety of plants for your outdoors.
  • You can pick some flowers, some herbal plants, and some cactus plants.
  • Plant a few of them in the plant bed and place others in the pots.
  • You should go to some big plants as well for a great mix and match.
  • The plants for open areas and shady areas should be different depending on their need for sunlight.
  • Apart from seasonal plants, you must choose a few evergreen plants as well.

Tips for maintaining your outdoor plants

  • You must always use fully composted yard waste.
  • You should keep an eye on the bugs as insects can damage your plants and their aesthetic appeal.
  • You must water each plant as per its specific need. Overwatering can spoil the plants.
  • Sufficient exposure to the sun is required, but again it depends on the specific plant need.
  • You should always clean up your garden in the fall. It will prevent and control any disease in your garden.
  • Choosing the right fertilizer is also important. Too many fertilizers can burn the roots and reduce their ability to absorb water.
  • Get a soil test done to figure out the nutrient level in the soil. Plants that don’t get sufficient nutrients are small and affected by leaf spots while a stronger plant can fight diseases.
  • Trimming the plants is always important. It benefits their growth and allows you to cut off the damaged or infected parts. Use sharp tools for clean cuts as they heal fast.
  • Right outdoor gardening is all about choosing appropriate plants for your zone and placing them correctly.

If you wish to reap the benefits of plants and enhance the beauty of your home exteriors, buy outdoor planters online from us today!

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