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Aglaonema Red Valentine, Unlimited Greens
Aglaonema Red Valentine Buy Online, Unlimited Greens
Aglaonema Red Valentine Online, Unlimited Greens
(2 customer reviews)

Aglaonema Red Valentine


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Aglaonema Red Valentine

Aglaonema Red Valentine, also known as “Chinese Evergreen Red Valentine” or “Philippine Evergreen,” is an indoor houseplant with bold red-colored leaves and green edges. The leaves are glossy and elliptical in shape and the green parts of the edges begin to spread their area as the leaf grows older, making it a beautiful red-green color combination leaf. The size of the leaves is around 4-6 inches long and 3-4 inches wide. It is the perfect alluring plant for indoor decorations,


Aglaonema Red Valentine is a widely admired indoor houseplant. Moreover, often used as an ornamental item for decorations of house interiors. The beautiful plant has the ability to transform the look and feel of any corner or space. Aglaonema is a very good air purifier. Also, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recommended Aglaonema as a perfect air purifying plant in its project “NASA clean air study 1989”.  The Aglaonema is also known to bring prosperity according to Feng Shui or Chinese Geomancy.

You can style it with different types of attractive planters, such as ceramic or fiber ones. It can suit any place inside your house or office. Ensure it is away from direct sunlight. You can add it to center tables, office desks, corners, bathrooms, or any low-lit place to improve the look of the place.


The Aglaonema Red Valentine is from hr family of Araceae and it is native to China and the Philippines. The Aglaonema has a number of different varieties such as Aglaonema Snow White, Aglaonema Lipstick, and Aglaonema Commoutam. All of these are indoor houseplants with different colors of attractive leaves. It is an alluring plant with red color leaves and a height of around 13-16 inches.

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Care Tips

This plant is perfect for indoors, so it does not need direct sunlight. Place this in a shady area and avoid direct sunlight. They love water. You can water thoroughly but only when the soil is dry when you touch it.  The room temperature is perfect for them. The temperature must be between 18-30 degrees celcius. It grows easily in wet, rich in organic matter, and well-drained, peaty potting soil.

2 reviews for Aglaonema Red Valentine

  1. Maneesha Ray

    This plant looks stunning. After shifting to Delhi, I was looking for a perfect place to buy plants online. Then one of my neighbors suggested me this website. She told me that she had some good experiences with this website in buying real plants online and now when I order this Plant for the first time as a sample. I found my opinions the same as my neighbors. Now I’ll order some more plants from here…. ☺️☺️

  2. Ajay Chougule

    So beautiful leaves. The colour of the plant is just attractive and good looking… Well this is most costly plant in my Aglaonena collection but still it worth it’s cost. . And thanks to Unlimited Greens to sending such amazing plant.

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