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Aralia Variegated plant, Unlimited Greens
Variegated Aralia plant online, Unlimited Greens
(16 customer reviews)

Aralia Variegated


Aralia Variegated has earned popularity among the urban gardening fraternity in the last few years and is getting popular with time. The species is native to Asia and the Americas and mostly found in the mountain regions.

The plant height is 9-12 inches

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In stock

Aralia Variegated has earned popularity among the urban gardening fraternity in the last few years. Moreover, it’s getting popular with time. In addition, the species is native to Asia and the Americas and mostly found in the mountain regions.

The perfect place to have them are the corners of your living spaces or office corridors as they certainly bring positivity within the surrounding. It’s bushy, variegated, and attractive foliage is a pleasure to look at. The best part about them is that the beauty costs nothing due to its adaptive nature it adjusts well as per the surrounding. Aralia is loved by gardeners because they require less moisture.

Aralia is the best choice if you want to give an alluring sight touch to your corridors or workspace. If you’d like to check out more indoor plants from our collection to pair it with, click here!

Weight .3 kg

Fresh plant with suitable soil mix.
Size – 5 to 7 Inches


Premium quality pot.
Size – 4 Inches

Care Tips

Care tips from our plant's expert.

Care Tips

Indirect and partial sunlight. This plant is not too thirsty and would require watering twice a week. The plant prefers a pleasant temperature and survives at a minimum of 17 C. Aralia love to flourish in a well-drained and nutrition-rich soil.

16 reviews for Aralia Variegated

  1. Sriman (verified owner)

    Lovely plants delivered by Unlimited Greens! Perfect condition

  2. Shreya Goswami

    This plant is extremely beautiful. Happy with it😁

  3. Deepika Iyer

    Loved this plant, ordered to decorate my room and it looks so good everyone asks me about this plant.

  4. Lakshmi Narayan

    I had no idea how much water these plants require and how often I should water these plants….. But thanks to their customer support, explained everything nicely.

  5. Heena Seikh

    Happy with their services. Bit high in cost but it compensates with delivery service to the areas where we can’t find these plants.

  6. Swati Lokanath

    Rhey lived upto the promise of delivering healthiest plants. Looks lovely…. Packaging very ergonomic and scientific. Thumbs up!!

  7. Jigyasa

    delicate & beautiful

  8. Lalit Rathi

    perfect size came

  9. Krishnendu

    This plant is giving our tiny medical office new good energy. It’s beautiful.

  10. Bhupinder Singh

    very impressed
    easy to filter search selection to find plants appropriate for your home , tons of easy to understand informative blogs on how to care for your plants. delivered in a nice very well packaged box. will use again.

  11. Dinesh

    Value for money. Had expected a bigger and more robust plant.

  12. Ravi Shastir

    I was dissatisfied until I talked to their team, they told me the reason why m plant was low on arrival and provided with tip to boost my plant reviewing after a week, Thank You team unlimited greens.

  13. Shrinash Verma

    The plant was good at the time of arrival and they provided a very fast delivery

  14. Vyomika Verma

    I had bought a lot of house plants from here for my indoor decor.,. And I really liked this place in terms of providing good quality services of delivering plants. .it is the best online nursery I ever visited

  15. Harshita Kanwar

    literlaly best place for buying houseplants. And their this order was also great like other ones. Aralia was fully healthy and fresh. 👍

  16. Sanjana Reddh

    Height wws same as it mentioned here but the plantwas not that dense as is looks here 🙃

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