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Areca Palm plants online , Areca Palm Unlimited Greens
Areca Palm plant Unlimited Greens
Areca palm Unlimited Greens
(15 customer reviews)

Areca Palm


Areca palm is a bunch developing ringed, yellow leaf-ribs. Its foliage is evergreen. The areca palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens or Dypsis lutescens), additionally called the yellow butterfly palm and brilliant stick palm is one of the most effortless palm trees to develop inside.

The plant height is 18-20 inches.

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Areca Palm is a bunch developing ringed, yellow leaf-ribs. Additionally, its foliage is evergreen. The Areca Palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens or Dypsis lutescens), also called the yellow butterfly palm and brilliant stick palm is one of the most effortless palm trees to develop inside. Moreover, the foliage is of fine surface and yellow-green in shading.

This is one with long smooth plume-formed fronds, which adds a tropical vibe to the Garden. Above all, this plant is extraordinary compared to other air-purifying plants confirmed by NASA. This palm tree, with its long, elegant plume formed fronds, will add an indoor jungle vibe to your home and is particularly appropriate for screened yards and chambers.

Basic info –
Name: Golden Cane Palm, Areca Palm, Butterfly Palm & Madagascar Palm
Greatest Reachable Height: 6 to 8 feet
Color: Yellow
Blossom Time: Pre-summer or late-spring
Trouble Level: Easy to develop

Uses –
Ornamental Use: This is one of the most valuable Palms of jungles in the world. Basically, it is great for decorating corners that need some uplifting and vibe changes.

Special Feature –
The most well known indoor houseplants sold today. Also, inside an Areca palm is an intriguing-looking plant that can arrive at a stature of 6-8 feet; outside it could be as tall as 25 feet.

Areca palm is engendered by seeds, isolating the suckers at the base of a developing plant, or by plant division. Lastly, if you’d like to check out more indoor plants, click here. To explore pots & planters to report this beauty, click here!

Weight 1.75 kg

Fresh plant with suitable soil mix.
Size – 12 to 18 Inches


Premium quality pot.
Size – 6 Inches

Care Tips

Care tips from our plant's expert.

Care Tips

Requires indirect daylight. Medium Water once a week. 20 to 30 degree C. Chalky, Loamy, Sandy soil can be used. Clammy yet very much depleted.

15 reviews for Areca Palm

  1. Nancy Mathew

    Completely changed my room’s decor..liking it

  2. Abhishek Goswami

    Received this plant in great condition, Kudos to UG team.

  3. Ankit Tomar

    Very low maintenance and healthy plant….it adds so much character to my room.

  4. Ambhoj Shukla

    It’s a awesome buy for me…
    I really liked the product and the way it’s delivered

  5. Kapil

    Plant received in good condition. As shown in image. No complaints!

    I’m hopeful of it thriving

  6. Sristi

    safely arrived at my how it looks

  7. Anupam

    I wasn’t pretty sure about whether I would be able to receive the Plant gud ornot but with they managed On time Delivery & it successfully arrived in to my premises in my premises

  8. Sarwinder Kaur

    This Areca Palm was a gift. My friend loves it….says it is beautiful and was in excellent condition. Happy that it was not damaged in transit.

  9. Rameshwar Sharma

    Well, as a 30 year old millennial these guys literally tick all the boxes for me. Reasonable prices, super friendly customer service and great blogs on plants and tips. Everything I have bought from Unlimited Greens is thriving and I love their pots.

  10. Sweta Kumari

    Great Plant. looks so good in the corner of my drawing room.

  11. Riya Sharma

    purchasing plants online becomes easier with unlimited green

  12. Kanchan Suryawanshi

    Bought this a month ago from here, great results from the areca palm i bought. came here again to buy once again. found this page and commenting this.

  13. Anjali Singh

    satisfied with the service.. plant also healthy and beautiful. A nice place to buy plants online

  14. Shazia Qureshi

    Areca Palm was all healthy and fine but few of the bottom leaves looks pale. Although it was maybe because of the long travel.

  15. Vinit Singh

    Beautiful palm tree. Packaging was the best for it and it was not harmed in the whoele shipment.

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