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Gardenia Double Scented


Gardenia Double Scented is a white fairy. Beautiful, glowing and full of fragrance. A proper evergreen flowering houseplant. Which is also called Gandhraj.

The plant height is 13-16 inches

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Gardenia Double Scented is a white fairy. Beautiful, glowing, and full of fragrance. In addition to that, a proper evergreen flowering houseplant too. Also, it is called Gandhraj and is best suited for those who prefer the beauty and want to receive fragrant pleasure. When in full bloom, the white flowers appear like a blessing from nature and fill up your garden with lots of aromas and hence the name suits this so well. The plant can achieve a height of 4 to 5 feet if cared for well. Above all, the plant is well suited for both sun and the shed. 

Below are some of the essential Care Tips: 

  • Soil: A proper well-drained garden soil mixed up with a part of cow dung manure and leaf mold.
  • Sunlight: They grow well in pleasant sunlight conditions.
  • Temperature: The plant prefers a pleasantly warm temperature (20 C to 30 C).
  • Water: The plant loves moisture, but making the soil too damp will damage the plant and will result in root rotting.
  • Fertilizer: Adding vermicompost every 3 months will sustain the plant well.

In conclusion, be sure to add Gardenia Double Scented in your plant collection to a sense of assertiveness to those who love gazing at natural beauties and love aromas of nature’s blessings. Want to check out more flowering plants? Click here!

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10 reviews for Gardenia Double Scented

  1. Akshita

    Really beautiful and full of fragrance plant.

  2. Kamal Dhamija

    Worth money. Plant came healthy to me

  3. Nikita Choudhary

    Ordered 4 for my drawing room and it smell so good……worth every penny!!!

  4. Anant Shrivasrav

    Gorgeous plant for my garden collection….!!!!

  5. Sakshi Gautam

    Plants arrived blooming and looking healthy. It looks beautiful placed in house entrance.

  6. Namandeep

    Appealing, elegant and easy to grow plant.

  7. Jassica.F

    Impressed. The plants came in a single carton and we thought some of them might be damaged in transit but each and every plant are fine and healthy.👍

  8. Harsh Locham

    Plant is so beautiful and healthy. Leaves were so lush green that i had to check whether it’s real plant or not

  9. Arvind

    Really beautiful plant, it arrived on time and exactly as advertised in terms of size and beauty. No comments on the life of the plant, it’s been just 2 weeks.

  10. Joshi Prisy

    It’s been growing well even after repotting it in my garden and really took off with the rain, heat & humidity we’ve had last two weeks!! 🙂 Happy with this purchase!

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