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Haworthia Zebra Plant Online, Unlimited Greens
Haworthia zebra plant buy India, Unlimited Greens
Haworthia Zebra Buy India, Unlimited Greens
(4 customer reviews)

Haworthia Zebra Plant


Haworthia Zebra Plant, also known as striped succulent, is a small succulent plant endemic to Southern Africa. These are dainty succulent houseplants and is a beautiful yet not so fuzzy plant, perfect for beginners.

The plant height is 5-7 inches

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Haworthia Zebra Plant, also known as striped succulent, is a small succulent plant endemic to Southern Africa. This Haworthia is a dainty succulent houseplant and is beautiful yet not so fuzzy, perfect for beginners. A Haworthia is defined by its rosette-shaped, tightly packed leafy clusters. Some are firm, strong, and dark green, whereas other varieties are softer and even translucent. Those of the firm, dark green variety are typically dotted with white spots and can turn a rich hue of purple-red when exposed to full sun.

Be sure to add Haworthia Zebra Plant to your collection and add a sense of assertiveness for those who love gazing at natural beauties. Want to check out more varieties of succulents? Click here now!


Weight 0.350 kg

Fresh plant with suitable soil mix.
Size – 3 to 5 Inches


Premium quality pot.
Size – 3.1 inches

Care Tips

Care tips from our plant's expert.

Care Tips

Haworthia Zebra Plant need a lot of light. They prefer full sun and bright light.   Water thoroughly but only when soil is dry to the touch   Keep the plant in a place that doesn’t drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.   Soil or potting mixture should be well-drain, fertile and nutrient-rich.

4 reviews for Haworthia Zebra Plant

  1. Harshita Rana

    I loved the service they are providing like literally they customer support team is so humble, they provides videos of plant at the time of packing. they deliver it so fast. And most importantly their plants are always so good.

  2. Pallavi Reddy

    Amazing service, as well healthy plant.

  3. Souptik Mukherjee

    Beautiful plant and carefully packed.

  4. Aakash Batra

    The plant i received was was bushier than this shown in the photo but the height was only 5 inches. 😐 Although it was healthy and fresh but i expected more in terms of height.

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