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Money Plant with Moss Stick, Unlimited Greens
Money Plant online, Unlimited Greens
Money plant online Unlimited Greens
(11 customer reviews)

Money Plant with Moss Stick


Money Plant – According to Vastu Shastra & Feng Shui, Money plants bring good luck and prosperity to your home. This bright green-golden colour and heart-shaped leaves on trailing stems can easily adapt all growing seasons.

The plant height is 14-18 inches

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According to Vastu Shastra & Feng Shui, a Money plant with Moss Stick brings good luck and prosperity to your home. This bright green-golden color and heart-shaped leaves on trailing stems can easily adapt to all growing seasons. Money Plant acts as an air purifier and removes air pollutants. This plant is also known as Pothos or Devil’s ivy. Moreover, the special quality of this plant is that it can survive for a longer period without much maintenance. This plant can be styled in different ways, climbing, trailing, growing it in empty water bottles, and many more. Moss sticks give support for any climbing plant. You can simply keep money planted indoors in your hall or in your room.

Feed your money plant with organic fertilizers once a month during the winter season. Use cow dung for manuring while potting or repotting. Moreover, you can easily propagate this plant through stem cutting. Simply cut the stem carefully, and plant it directly in the soil.

Also, the Money plant with Moss Stick is perfect to fill up a corner of your space with beautiful greens. If you’d like to check out more from our range of money plants, click here!

Weight 1 kg

Care Tips

Money plant requires direct and bright sunlight. This plant needs watering daily. Make your watering schedule and use a well-drained pot for avoiding your leaving from dying.  Requires warmer temperatures ranging from 15 to 30°C. Money plant needs sandy and peat-moss based soil for healthy growth.

11 reviews for Money Plant with Moss Stick

  1. Saket

    Absolutely no complaints! Beautiful plant, great packaging, prompt delivery.

  2. Gayatari

    Perfectly improved the ambience at home and a fresh look!

  3. Sukhwinder

    It is a gorgeous plant, perfect for my garden.

  4. Sunil Thakur

    It is a very beautiful plant and I have no words to say. Even the moss stick quality is v good

  5. Prachi

    Love this plant! Looks great and came fully healthy.

  6. Sharmila

    Every step from website design to delivery was great. I will definitely be placing another order soon and recommending Unlimited Greens to my friends and family.
    My new go to gift idea!

  7. KUNAL

    It’s such a cute little plant it’s healthy too.

  8. Shobhit Pal

    It really climbs with great speed with the help of this moss stick. Lil dissapointed with 2 dry leaves though.

  9. Raj Sharma

    Beautiful packed and delivered by time. And also the plant is not compromised. I loved their service.

  10. Mukul Gadpayale

    The plant i received was amazing and the best things was the leaves… Some of the leafs of the plant are bigger than showed in picture. ..That i liked lot. Now on i am always going to use this buy website to buy houseplants online.

  11. Ujwal Raina

    Most sticl was packed separately fro.the plant and it tools me sole time to place in the pot but over all the plant moss tick and pot all were amazing

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