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San Pedro Cactus Plant Online at Best Price from Unlimited Greens
San Pedro Cactus Plant Online from Unlimited Greens
San Pedro cactus plant Unlimited Greens
(8 customer reviews)

San Pedro Cactus


The Botanical Name of San Pedro Cactus is Echinopsis Pachanoi. It is the oldest cacti that looks so special due to its ability to withstand extreme dryness as well as heat.

The plant height is 2-4 inches

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The Botanical Name of San Pedro Cactus is Echinopsis Pachanoi. It is the oldest cacti that look so special due to its ability to withstand extreme dryness as well as heat. Also grown as an ornamental cactus used for traditional medicine. It comprises mescaline, illegal in the USA, where San Pedro is sold solely for ornamental purposes. But did you know it’s really healthy to keep cactus & succulents at you home as they flush out all the toxins from the environment? Yes, that’s right!

San Pedro is a large columnar cactus having a good capacity to grow relatively fast. It is a multi-stemmed cactus having 19 feet (max) height and 6 feet (max) width. The color of their thick individual stems is either green or blue-green getting much darker with age. July is the month in which the pointy buds of this cactus give rise to more beautiful whitish flowers. These flowers give an elegant look when they get open at night with a pleasant fragrance. Pitahaya is called the yummy and edible fruits of this one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to grow a San Pedro Cactus?

Ans. In order to grow a San Pedro Cactus in India, it should be planted in a tailor made cactus and succulent mix and should be watered according to the requirement. The requirement can vary according to the variety that you prefer.  Cactus price will also completely rely on the cactus variety you pick, ranging from premium to common..

Q2. How to identify San Pedro Cactus?

Ans. The best way to identify a San Pedro cactus in India is to go to a trustable online plant store and find the one you are looking for. One such store is Unlimited Greens, where you can find a lot of variety which differs according to the “size & origin”.

Q3. Can San Pedro Cactus grow in India?

Ans. Yes you can grow a San Pedro cactus in India. Click here to find the best San Pedro Cactus care tip

Q4. What is the San Pedro Cactus used for?

Ans. A San Pedro Cactus in India is used in various ways such as in traditional Medicine or as an ornament in homes and offices. There are a lot of cactus varieties available at Unlimited Greens, the cactus price depends on the variety.

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Fresh plant with suitable soil mix.
Size – 2 to 5 Inches


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Size – 3.1 Inches

Care Tips

Care tips from our plant's expert.

Care Tips

This cactus needs a lot of natural light. It requires more quantity of water to grow healthy especially on hot summer days. It can tolerate cooler temperatures only if they don’t drop below 15°F. It needs well-nutrient soil than regular cactus. If grown indoors, it grows well in well-draining soil.

8 reviews for San Pedro Cactus

  1. Pranjali

    Ordered this plant for my office desk, it looks great there.

  2. Jyotsana

    Lovely cactus plant with excellent service …….. Well packed and well delivered.

  3. Harminder Singh

    Received this plant some time back….plant is healthy and fresh….nice experience.👍

  4. Ronit Arora

    Everything is great… Im sooo happy…😊.. Great… Great… Great… Plant is same as shown in pictures

  5. Pallavi

    From start to finish a great experience. website is very informative about the plants available and I received my plants in good condition and quickly. Lots of information about the plants I chose. Definitely use them again

  6. Sidhaant Charan

    Amazing Experience, Exactly as shown in the pictures.

  7. Sofiya

    Plant was perfectly healthy the time it get delivered but they should improvise their delivery timings

  8. Lakshay Singh

    The cactus I received looks exactly the same. It is beautiful, healthy and full of health. Apart from plant their delivery and packaging is also so good. Best online plant nursery i can say for it.

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