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Sedum Green - Unlimited Greens
Sedum green plant online, Unlimited Greens
Sedum plant price, Unlimited Greens
(6 customer reviews)

Sedum Green


Sedum green is a flowering plant that is perfectly suitable to be grown in outdoor conditions. These are popular by the name of Stone crops. Sedum is primarily found in the Northern hemisphere but is extending towards the southern too.

The plant height is 10-12 inches

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Sedum Green is a flowering plant, perfectly suitable for growing in outdoor conditions. Also, these are popular by the name of Stone crops. Sedum is primarily found in the Northern hemisphere but is extending towards the southern too. These are bought in plugs or pots and transplanted into the garden. Moreover, the best time to plant these is – Spring. The plant has green foliage that allures sight seekers.
Wonderfully, the plant has water-storing leaves. The flowers, which are beautiful, usually have 5 petals. In addition, the yellow-flowered and succulent textured possessing plants are a must to have, if you don’t want to leave your garden looking dull. 

Additionally, sedum looks lovely in a garden along with flowering plants such as Hibiscus, Rose, and Azalea. If you’d like to check out more outdoor plants to elevate your garden space, click here!

Weight 1.05 kg

Fresh plant with suitable soil mix.
Size – 5 to 8 inches


Premium quality pot.
Size – 6 inches

Care Tips

Care tips from our plant's expert.

Care Tips

Grows well in pleasant sunlight. Water moderately throughout the summers and quite less in winters. Prefers a pleasantly warm temperature, not too high nor too low. Yet it is a good option for Indian atmospheric conditions. Prefers well-draining soil with organic nutrient content in it.

6 reviews for Sedum Green

  1. Harman Dev

    repotted this plant in the basket.., looks so elegant & beautiful

  2. K. Vikram

    Plant is healthy and growing well. Delivered in well packed protective method.

  3. Mohit kumar

    Plant is great. just please try to provide in hanging pots also

  4. Tushar Lenka

    Received two days back. It was little dried when arrived . May be because of the long travel. But now it is recovering 🙂. Hope it gets into a good shape soon.

  5. Dheeraj Pal

    The plant colour was amazing and beautiful… fully finelooking. .their services and quality of plants i can say best online Nursery.

  6. Sayyed Zainab

    I already had a sedum at my home but i bought because of it’s good looking colour and when it came it was almost the samme as photo

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