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Care for Varieties of Calathea

How To Care For Varieties of Calathea

Pretty pots displayed with beautiful Calathea plants in them may look fascinating enough to buy them instantly and decorate your rooms. However, without any prior experience, it may appear that just watering all of them from time to time and letting them soak into some sunshine would do the job right. But there are various simple yet […]

Psychological Benefits of Plants

What Are the Psychological Benefits of Plants?

Isn’t it fascinating how psychology has to do something with just everything? Well, it sure is! Today, let’s dwell on knowing nature helps us live our lives better. To start with, let us think of the ways of how we depend on nature and its greenery. The work pressure takes a toll on us- we […]


Make Your Home Smoke-Proof with Indoor Plants

The air quality around us has deteriorated over the years. Pollution and reckless actions have contributed to poor air quality. The festive season has made things even worse for air quality due to crackers. It is time we take conscious steps to keep our surroundings clean and improve the air quality to keep our families […]