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best indoor plants

Every plant needs the three most essential elements to thrive upon. They are soil, water, and Light. The soil and water are easily accessible so is the Light. However, sometimes, due to bad weather or season, it becomes hard to get. In addition to that, the amount of Light also varies from one plant to another. Placing a specific plant on your windowsill can allow them to get an adequate amount of light to grow properly, but a few indoor plants will require more consistent Light, due to which you will have to opt for an artificial light for your plant. With the proper lighting, you will be able to grow whatever your heart wants to grow, and you can also buy plants from the online plant nursery in Pune.


This article will explain everything you need to know about lighting requirements for indoor plants—starting from signs of your plants requiring more lights to the best grow lights for indoor plants. So, sit still, and here we go into our voyage of acquiring knowledge regarding the perfect Light for indoor plants.

Indoor Plants

You must be wondering, how are you going to comprehend that your plants need more Light? As you might have noticed, while your plants thrive during the summer and spring, it struggles to survive during the rest of the year. In such cases, it is a clear sign for you that your plant requires more consistent lights. Adding a little lighting during the winter will help your plants grow effectively. Apart from this, there are other signs as well.


Here are a few other signs that indicate that an indoor plant lacks sufficient Light to grow


  • Shriveling or Yellow leaves.
  • Smaller leaves.
  • New pests and insects.
  • Tall and abnormal growth.


If you see any of the signs mentioned above, you have to choose the perfect lights to allow your indoor plants to thrive. To help you choose the perfect Light, here are the different categories of lights that will help your plants grow more fruitfully.


Grow Lights


Grow Lights works as an artificial sun. It provides sufficient Light that the plant absorbs and converts into food. To get a clear picture of the different types of lights, you will find, follow these categories in the market.


Light Spectrum


Every plant absorbs a different colored spectrum from sunlight. But, when you are opting for artificial lighting, you need to make sure that your plants get the only spectrum it requires to create food. It may seem white to your eyes, but standard lights for plants consist of different spectrums. You are known as “full-spectrum lights.” Within that spectrum contains these colors that are preferable for indoor plants. They are,


  • Blue Light helps in germination and root development.
  • Red Light helps the plants to regulate growth.
  • Green Light helps to maximize photosynthesis.


The full spectrum of lights will nourish your indoor plants more effectively. Furthermore, some of these lights also have a feature that enables you to change the color spectrum of the Light to control the temperature required for the plant. Before choosing a particular light, you should also ensure the area the Light will cover. one of the best examples of a full-spectrum light is none other than the sun, it has all the necessary color spectrum that is required by a plant to grow effectively. Below mentioned are the various lights that will be perfect for your plants.

Plants online

Types of Best Lights




LED (light-emitting diode) is one of the most highly used lights to grow plants. It is more effective and more efficient when it Comes to providing your plant with Light. Furthermore, they last longer than any other bulbs, and they only cost a few bucks. If you are looking for more long-term, sustainable lights, LED will be the best growing Light to choose from. You may also opt for LED with a more red and blue spectrum required for your plant.


Compact Fluorescent light


These lights are cheaper than LED. However, it consumes more energy than a general LED Light. They also have a short lifespan compared to other lights.




Halogen produces the efficient amount of red spectrum required for a plant to grow more rapidly. Due to excess brightness, it doesn’t produce much blue spectrum. However, if you add other lights with halogen, you will get more effective results than other lights.


Organic Natural Sunlight


You shouldn’t forget about sunlight, it is the best of the best light that is beneficial for your indoor plants. Some plants may require indirect lights or direct lights it doesn’t matter. By exposing your plants to the organic lights you will be allowing them more to thrive. Furthermore, Sunlight contains all the necessary light Spectrum that is effective for every type of plant. So, make sure that you are providing your indoor plants with occasional exposure to the sun.


After going through all the information, you might have gotten the idea that the perfect lights for your indoor plant are none other than LED lights. If you are looking for the best indoor plants for your home, you can buy plants online in Pune. This online plant nursery in Pune has many plants to choose from.