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Healthy indoor plants

How To Keep Indoor Plants Healthy

Indoor plants bring the beauty of nature to your workplaces and to your home. They are of several types and help us in various ways apart from adding an aesthetic essence to our home decoration. The hues of green soften harsh light in our homes and offices and make it look appealing to the eye. […]

Gardening To Help Relax Your Mind During Covid

Gardening To Help Relax Your Mind During Covid

People around the world have found themselves at junctures between being exposed to unfortunate circumstances wiring all around, and the need to stay calm, stay stable and strong at all times. With the increasing ascension of the global Coronavirus, people are stuck at home in isolation, as all other recreational hubs stay closed, meeting friends […]


How To Water Your Plants

Thousands have lived without love, not one without water. – W. H. Auden Our beautiful planet has around 374,000 species of plants, and not a single one can live without water. But unfortunately, many of us go wrong with the one primary thing we need to do for our plants: Watering. Unknowingly, we tend to underwater […]

How to Repot Plants Safely

When & How to Repot Plants Safely

Repotting your plants may sound like a complicated task, but we have a few tips for you to make it a victory. First things first: unless your planter has a crack in it or your plant is outgrowing the pot size, repotting isn’t mandatory. Changing its soil or using a better potting mix instead will […]

Care for Varieties of Calathea

How To Care For Varieties of Calathea

Pretty pots displayed with beautiful Calathea plants in them may look fascinating enough to buy them instantly and decorate your rooms. However, without any prior experience, it may appear that just watering all of them from time to time and letting them soak into some sunshine would do the job right. But there are various simple yet […]

Plants Best Suited With Your Zodiac Sign

Plants Best Suited With Your Zodiac Sign

Are you ready to become a proud plant parent? Don’t know which plant you should bring home? Luckily, we can be of help. Picking out a houseplant may seem easy. However, there are many things to consider in the process. Plants have different lifespans, temperaments, and care routines. Hence, the right plant should be able […]

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