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5 Must-have Rare plants

The current increase in popularity of potted plant gatherings, particularly the phenomena of rare houseplants bought and sold for substantial sums of money, has piqued our interest. This blog includes plant ssuch as -Dr. Hogg's peach, Mapple, San Pedro cactus, wisteria, and raven zz. Wisteria In the spring and early summer, wisteria is a long-lived [...]
small balcony with plants

How to decorate a small balcony with plants

Plants are boon for life, and they help to rejuvenate life in many ways. So, plant some plants on the balcony and spend some moments. Multiple decorative plants are available these days. However, it is easy to have plants at home. The online nursery pune is ready to deliver plants to the doorstep.   It [...]
Plants for Indoors

Top Five Hard to Kill Plants for Indoors

Life has never been busier. Everyone today is so entangled in their work and daily life that they hardly get time for themselves, let alone nature. Everyone can't get some quality time in nature, which is vital. If you love greens or their feeling, you might have also thought of getting houseplants. Nothing is stopping [...]
Flowering Plants

Best Flowering Plants For Summers

The scorching heat of summer can easily make everyone tired except the plants in your garden. There are lovely summer flower plants that bloom well amid the high temperatures. Always read the plant description and requirements before purchasing them to give them proper nourishment and care. With the right conditions and hourly sunlight, the flowers [...]
best indoor plants

The perfect light for indoor plants

Every plant needs the three most essential elements to thrive upon. They are soil, water, and Light. The soil and water are easily accessible so is the Light. However, sometimes, due to bad weather or season, it becomes hard to get. In addition to that, the amount of Light also varies from one plant to [...]

Five Plants That Keep You Cool This Summer

Summer is approaching in many areas of the world, and with it comes the troubles that come with it, such as sweating, constantly feeling thirsty, finding reasons to stay at home, and yelling "it's too hot" 100 times a day do. But we all know it's part of nature, and we have to deal with [...]
buy pruning tool

Best way to trim your plants

Pruning plants and flowers in the home landscaping are done for various reasons. Some plants are trimmed regularly to keep their ideal size or shape. Others are clipped to encourage robust and healthy growth, blossoming, and fruiting. Shrubs that outgrow their locations, choke out other plants, or block the view from frames may need to [...]
Grass Clippings

Fertilizers for the plant at home

Plants dying as a result of over-or under-fertilization? Do you want to do the right thing for your plants but don't want to spend a fortune on fertilizer? Make these simple fertilizers at home with items from your pantry! Organic houseplant fertilizers aid in the survival and function of your house plants. There seem to [...]
Bhringraj plant

Some tips for growing Bhringraj at home

Across India, Bhringraj is known by several names. Some call the Bhringraj plant a false daisy, ruler of the hair, etc. It is popular due to its medicinal quality. Bhringraj is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and proteins which help to protect against bacterial infections, hair loss, maintain cholesterol levels, etc. However, in ancient Bhringraj was [...]
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