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Medicinal Benefits of Betel Leaves

For many of us, the betel leaves might just be the “paan” people consume after their daily meals, or occasionally. But the importance of these leaves goes far beyond that.
To start with, Betel leaves play an important role in several rituals and religious ceremonies of the Indian culture. They are offered to Gods and seniors of the household. It’s glossy, heart-shaped leaves also offer plenty of health advantages that are often overlooked.

Betel leaves have numerous therapeutic health advantages since they are high in vitamins such as Vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, carotene, and calcium. Here is a list of some of the most efficient Medicinal Benefits of Betel Leaves:

Improves metabolism and strengthens the immune system: Betel leaves have enormous medicinal and therapeutic properties, as documented in the ancient ayurvedic texts Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita.
They have a distinct Tikta and Katu Rasa flavor, i.e. bitter and pungent, and their strong potency creates warmth in the body.
Furthermore, these green gems have Kshara guna, which is an alkaline property that efficiently neutralizes pH abnormalities in the digestive system and promotes digestive health.

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These leaves have a very light enzyme called Laghu Guna which allows the human body to absorb it faster. Hence, these leaves should be part of the diet plan or eaten as pastes, powders, or liquids to boost metabolism.
To maintain the Tridoshic balance in the system, they assist to increase the Pitta doshas while balancing the Vata and Kapha components.

Organic Painkiller: Betel leaf is an effective organic painkiller that provides immediate pain relief from wounds, bruises, and rashes. For external injuries or pain, apply a paste made from tender betel leaves to the distressed area. Betel leaf juice also relieves us from internal body aches.

Get relief from constipation: Betel leaves are full of antioxidants, which help the body eliminate oxidative stress. It relieves an upset stomach by restoring normal PH levels in the body. Ayurveda strongly advises consuming betel leaves to relieve constipation. Crush the betel leaves and soak them in water overnight. To help with bowel motions, drink the water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Boosts digestive health: Have you ever wondered why so many people chew on betel leaf after a nice meal? Paan is suggested for its carminative, intestinal & anti-inflammatory properties, among other qualities. Also, it protects the gut from various other problems. More importantly, betel leaves stimulate blood circulation and the intestines, allowing important vitamins and minerals to be assimilated faster.

Keeps several respiratory issues at bay: Betel leaf is commonly used to treat cough and cold symptoms. It is a good treatment for individuals who suffer from chest tightness, lung congestion, and asthma. There are several ways these leaves can provide relief from congestion. Rub some mustard oil on the leaf, heat it in low flame, and massage it on the chest. You may also boil a few leaves with cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon in two cups of pure water, reduce it to 1 cup, and drink this mix twice or thrice a day regularly to keep congestion at bay and get relief from breathing problems.

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Help you with their antifungal and antibacterial properties: Betel leaves have remarkable antiseptic qualities because they are a rich source of polyphenols, particularly chavicol, which provides twofold resistance against bacteria. Often, it’s used to treat arthritis and orchitis.

Promotes better Oral Health: Betel leaves contain a variety of antibacterial compounds that successfully battle a variety of bacteria in the mouth that cause foul odor, along with plaques, cavities, and tooth decay. Chewing a small amount of paan leaves paste after meals improve gut health profoundly. Moreover, it combats bad breath, toothaches, gum discomfort, inflammation, and other oral infections.

Works great at relieving joint pain: Betel leaves contain a rich source of anti-inflammatory chemicals that significantly reduce joint pain and discomfort, which are common symptoms of many chronic debilitating conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.
Warming a bunch of fresh betel leaves and wrapping them securely around the afflicted bones and joints reduces the intensity of pain, inflammation, and arthritic symptoms.

With so many medicinal benefits, paan plants definitely are one of the best plant types to add to your garden. So order without worry and come back to our website to find the latest caring tips.
Happy gardening!