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Plants in your house give an excellent look to your home aesthetically. It also extends fresh air and adds value to space. Nowadays, people prefer to buy indoor plants online in Delhi. Owning a plant comes with its own set of rules and care that you must follow. They need care and frequent rotation, which owners overlook.

If you own a houseplant, we suggest changing its position for the best. One of the primary objective o a plant is to grow. It does not cub with mere growth but must grow evenly for the best look and offer the best aesthetic value. Several factors affect the plant’s growth and may contribute to uneven distribution. Possessing a mere plant does not make you the best. Gain knowledge and ensure that your plant is the healthiest!

Why alter the plant position?

Plants come with a specific and adequate need for sunlight, air, and water. If one of them lacks or distributes unevenly, it can lead to repercussions and uneven growth. The following are the reasons why you must vary a plant’s direction or position:

  • Growth: Plants are phototropic and grow in the direction of sunlight. If you invest in buying plants online in Delhi, you surely want them to look beautiful. Changing their position ensures even light distribution and even development. It also hinders the plants from tilting in the direction of the sun. It caters to its ideal growth.
  • Avoiding damage: The position of the plant you place in may not be adequate for it. If your plant is near the window, it may damage during a windy or rainy day. The momentary change in weather can damage the plant and curb its growth. Changing its position will ensure it stays healthy for a long time.
  • Beauty: Aesthetically, you may want your plants to occupy different spaces as you change your indoor space. Changing your plant position as per your need is accountable for the beauty. It defines the purpose of decor in the area. Even if for fun and ornamental value, ensure to place the plant safely where it gets the needful.
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Tips for changing position or rotating

If you are an owner of a house, you change the position of the plants you buy as per the need. If you are new to it, a few directions can come in handy. If you buy plants online in Delhi and wish to rotate them, ensure the following tips in mind:

  • Always pick a place that extends the right amount of sunlight and air to the plants. Always keep them away from dust and harm. The location plays a vital role in healthy growth.
  • The best way is to give your plants a quarter-degree turn whenever you plant them or once a day. It will ensure regular rotation, and no damage occurs due to excessive sunlight on one side.
  • Slight rotation of a plant daily is okay but within the degree limit. But do not change it from one place to another regularly. Do that rarely or when dier.
  • Pay attention to what your plant wants to say. If it seems to tilt to one side, your rotation routine is not correct. Most of the plants tend to give out signs. Look out for them.
  • If you are new, approach us when you purchase indoor plants online in Delhi to know all about them. We come with the mission of customer satisfaction. We would love to assist you.
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Plants are living and need utmost love and care as they grow. May it be a small succulent or a potted plant, it is sure to need the best nurturing. Unlimited Greens can be your most reliable niche for all your gardening choices. The best techniques of care and understanding come from knowledge and guidance. We do not just extend the perfect deliveries and plant varieties but also extend the best support. Our experts work straight to help you care for your plant and render information on the rotation and other plant needs. We do not just sell plants. We extend passion for plant lovers. With us around, you are sure to have an indoor plant in the best health throughout its stay at your place.