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Plants are in vogue right this moment. Look at Instagram for beautiful interiors with hanging plants, leafy vines, succulents, and trees to brighten up any corner.

The reason people are so obsessed with greenery is that it improves your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Houseplants enhance our everyday lives— from enhancing our environment to helping with healing faster. Here are some benefits of having indoor plants

1. You will breathe in cleaner air-

The studies reveal that indoor plants reduce indoor toxins and pollutants, such as formaldehyde and benzene, routine indoor pollutants. One study actually found that the plants like dracaena were able to remove more than 80% of the six volatile organic compounds (out of eight) over a 12-hour period.

The air purification capacity of plantsdepends on the size and location of the indoor environment. To make your plants work at their best, keep your leaves clean and dust-free.

2. They make your interior space seem spacious and comfortable-

Indoor plants bring life and colour to your environment. One can use plants in indoor spaces to increase relative humidity, reduce noise, screen unattractive places, and moderate the temperature of a room by shading a brightly lit window.

Before you begin to fill a space with furniture and accessories, consider how plants can help you create an interior space that feels cosy and looks good.

3. They improve mental well-being-

Houseplants can do wonders for your mental well-being. In one study, patients were given 28 new plants to plant in common areas of a Norway heart and lung rehab facility.They reported an increase in their mental health four weeks after the planting. This was in contrast to patients who weren’t given greenery. So, plant some houseplants and keep stress and depression at arm’s length.

Another study revealed that assisted-living residents had improved their quality of life by learning how to take care of plants at home. Researchers speculate that it could be due to a feeling of companionship with the plants.

Interestingly, you will also find people who sing and speak to plants.

Anyone who takes ownership of something and does it themselves feels pride in the accomplishment. Also, people who grow plants themselves tend to take better care of them or nurture them. It is part of human nature.

4. They offer relaxation-

According to horticulturists, potting plants and actively maintaining them allow you to forget all the stressful and troublesome aspects of your life and concentrate on the here and now. While this is great for our psychological well-being, it’s also beneficial to the plant. It grows better and is better equipped to provide the benefits it was planted for.

5. Boost in productivity-

In a University of Exeter study, the productivity of employees increased by 15% when they placed the plants in previously barren offices. Plants were once essential to human survival. Today, one can observe the innate connection to plants by a general reduction in stress and improved calmness and wellness.This affects an individual’s ability to concentrate on various tasks and be creative.

6. Plants have amazing healing properties-

Close relationships with plants also help individuals recover from illness and injury faster. By surrounding oneself with plants, they can create a natural sanctuary that they will feel safe, protected, and secure.

Kansas State University researchers found patients with greenery in their rooms felt less anxious and fatigue after surgery, required less pain medication, and had lower blood pressure and heart rates than patients who didn’t have any. Some plants also have direct healing properties. Aloe vera is a natural remedy for skin irritations such as sunburn and itching.

Wrapping up

Have you ever wondered why it is that you are able to focus better, breathe easier and just feel happier in a natural environment? Because of plants. These perks are not new; they have existed for a long time before our appreciation for lush spaces. It’s only recently that people have begun to acknowledge and appreciate plants’ contribution to our well-being. If you too want to reap the above benefits offered by plants, create a home garden according to the available space and enjoy good health and beauty without spending a fortune.