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Welcome to Unlimited Greens

Our Green Journey


Growing up in a city that falls short of the prescribed 33% green cover, and observing my father being dedicated towards the cause of improving the situation inspired me to venture on my own “Green Journey”. Unlimited Greens was born out of my urge to help people to rekindle their connection with nature that is somehow getting blurry. Through this venture, we hope to support people through their personal journeys of greening not just their homes but also their hearts!


Unlimited Greens, founded in 2020 is a sub-segment of Greenways Nursery that has been dealing with the best in class plants, gardening supplies, and equipments across the country for the past 30 years. Greenways Nursery was established by Mr. Y.P. Singh as India’s leading organization for all gardening and related needs. Being the third generation of greenhouse keepers, Ojasvi Singh is carrying forward the legacy with Unlimited Greens, which as a brand seeks to carry along the values of the distinguished Greenways Nursery and aims to focus on making quality products available at the best prices. With over 3 decades of experience in the field coupled with a fresh, new age perspective, Unlimited Greens is bound to surprise you in more ways than one! We deal in over 1,000 varieties of Plants along with Pots, Planters, Seeds, Seedlings, Gardening Tools as well as Accessories for décor. Apart from that, we have an entire section dedicated to Gifting and related supplies. We hold a PAN India network so that our amazing products can reach you with ease, no matter where you are in the country! Another feature that sets us apart from the crowd is that we are the first-ever organization in the country to provide a live-streaming video during the packaging of the products so that customers can get real-time updates on their buys during the process. So tarry no more, check out our products right now, right here!

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Each order carefully packed & delivered to make it hassle free for you

Unique Pot Combinations

Plants will be sent to you with the exact pot shown in the picture

Plant Experts

Smoothening your Green Journey always with best tips