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Aglaonema Lipstick Plant India, Unlimited Greens
Aglaonema lipstick plant online India, Unlimited Greens
chinese evergreen plant price, Unlimited Greens
(13 customer reviews)

Aglaonema Lipstick


Aglaonema lipstick are beautiful looking plant with pink borders that gives a sense of assertiveness to the person gazing at these. They are far ahead. The plant belongs to the tropical and sub-tropical areas of Asia and New Guinea and hence is perfectly suitable for North Indian indoors.

The plant height is 10-13 inches

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In stock

Aglaonema lipstick is a beautiful looking plant with pink borders that gives a sense of assertiveness to the person gazing. Also, they are far ahead. It’s from the tropical and sub-tropical areas of Asia and New Guinea, hence is perfectly suitable for North Indian indoors. This evergreen perennial herb has been regarded with various recognition and awards. Moreover, this tropical plant is perfectly suitable for indoors and very easy to maintain. Hence, loved by new gardeners as they are long-lasting too.

This plant prefers humid climates, yet it can be grown in dry air conditions.

The best place to have them is the shady patches of your balcony or corridors. In addition, they are absolutely pleasant to look at when potted in decorative colorful pots.

Be sure to add Aglaonema lipstick to your collection and add a sense of assertiveness for those who love gazing at natural beauties. Want to check out more varieties of Aglaonema? Click here now!

Weight 1.4 kg

Fresh plant with suitable soil mix.
Size – 10 to 13 Inches


Premium quality pot.
Size – 5 Inches

Care Tips

Care tips from our plant's expert.

Care Tips

Indirect and partial sunlight. Keep the soil evenly moist. Warm temperature (20 C to 30 C). Use proper well-drained garden soil mixed up with a part of cow dung manure and leaf mold.

13 reviews for Aglaonema Lipstick

  1. Abhay

    Impressive quality of plants

  2. Komal Sharda

    I bought this in December and it is in good condition 👍👍

  3. Vibhakar Shankar

    Very Nice plant, very happy to see well packed and fresh plant.

  4. Vaibhavi Sharma

    I purchased this plant in January, and till now, it is in good condition.
    Impressed with the quality of plants they provide.👌

  5. Ambhuj Gupta

    dense plant. Also the height of this plant is bigger than what other websites give us

  6. Zaid Sergi

    Ordering my plants from Unlimited Greens was very quick and easy. I was able to choose plants that are safe for my inquisitive pets really quickly. The plants are lovely and healthy, come with perfect packaging.

  7. Amit Samanth

    I am happy with my purchase would definitely order more in the future.

  8. Sudheer

    Received a nice plant .
    1. Healthy plant
    2. Simple yet effective packing. Despite plant travelled from Delhi to down south, I received the plant without any damage.
    3. Very reasonable price.

    Overall, satisfied with this purchase .

  9. Manya Gupta

    Plant is in perfect healthy condition at the time of receiving. Packing was also quite Good.

  10. Wasim Ismail

    If the delivery wasn’t late I would give it a perfect five star.

  11. Priyanshu Niranjan

    I was searching for Aglaonemas. And I found this website to buy plants after wandering here and there. And they really are providing indoor plants at very affordable prices. I really liked that order this plant from here and they sent a very healthy and fresh plant. So happy to be in contact with this website

  12. Soumyajit Das

    best agloanema plant online.. red green Leaves of this plant and this white pot makes a great combination. I really liked this plant in this photo and that is why I ordered it. And to be honest in real it looks more good than this photo.

  13. Utkarsh Gupta

    The delivery was late and leaves looks ver down when I opendthe box ñ

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