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12 Tips For Styling Plants in Your Home and Garden

As we delve more and more into the concrete age- our neighborhoods are filled with more shopping malls and vending machines than parks and trees, it’s essential to build your personal space that incorporates the natural environment or at least some form of it. In the world of architecture & design, this is known as biophilic design. It encompasses the idea of using direct or indirect nature in spaces and living conditions. However, the good news is that you do not need to call up an architect to deck up your space. You just have to fill your home with succulents, creepers, shrubs, and all things alive and green!

There are several advantages to styling your home with plants or grow a small garden in the backyard or on the balcony. Apart from making your space aesthetically pleasing, it purifies the air around you and acts as a natural humidifier. If the humidity levels are above 40 percent in interiors, it reduces contaminants. We have compiled a list of 12 tips to style your home with plants:

  1. Put plants in empty spaces, not furniture: Anybody with the experience of styling their home would know that there are parts of your house that seem impossible to style, most of them being corners. We suggest you stop trying out a million combinations of your furniture and start filling those corners with plants. You may place one large plant, place several of them over a cart, or just hang them up using braided ropes!
  2. Choose plants with different heights and patterns: The key to good styling is the fact that every element of green that you add to your space should blend into it- in a way that does not crowd the layout but enhances it. While the shorter plants should be kept on bookshelves and tabletops, taller plants should be kept on the floor.
  3. Add beautiful pavements: Not your entire garden has to be pure grass or soil. Turn your garden into an outdoor living space by adding beautiful pavements to the garden.
  4. Try different planters and pots: The second most important thing after the plants themselves are the planters or pots in which you will place your green friends. Using a uniform design for planters can make your space look dull and monotonous. Hence, we suggest that you try out different planters either by purchasing or by using DIY methods. While wood frames go well with interior spaces such as the bedroom, metal planters and stand fit perfectly for outdoor spaces such as a porch or a balcony.
  5. Create patterns with various plant shapes: You can create an intricate pattern with your house plants. Apart from the difference in heights, both indoor and outdoor plants are available in various leaf shapes and shades. While some of the leaves are long and grassy, there are plants with peach-shaped leaves that look beautiful when placed beside pieces of art and decorates.
  6. Use greenery to complement your artwork: Placing plants near pieces of colorful art blocks or prints adds a beautiful contrast to your living space. To add to the aesthetic, add vintage collectibles to create a nice cozy corner in your living room. Grab a book and enjoy the greenery around you.
  7. Hang them up: Whether you are styling your garden or home, hanging plants always work.
  8. Use terrariums and bonsai: If you want to make styling your home with greenery a craft or a serious hobby, learn and apply the art of bonsai. They will add another level of a layer to your house and you will be closer to nature than ever before.
  9. Build focal points in your space: As we mentioned earlier, you should not limit the number of plants that you want to place in your space but at the same time, you should consciously avoid clutter. Hence, you can create a balanced layout by identifying focal points in your space and filling them with appropriate plants and planters.
  10. Use outdoor furniture: Create beautiful garden spaces by using swing chairs, hammocks, and wooden benches.
  11. Add ornaments: Purchase artificial fountains, garden toys, and a small pond to elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor garden.
  12. Build living walls: You may add drama to your garden or living space by building living walls. Living walls are walls where several plants are planted vertically to establish an impression of the wall being completely natural.


Now that you have so many tips to style your plants beautifully in different corners of your home and garden, don’t just let them lie here; get started with redecorating your rooms already and let us know how beautiful your home looks!


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Sep 22, 2023

Wood paneling has a rich history in interior design, having been used in grand palaces and humble cottages alike. Its presence can evoke a sense of history and tradition in any space.

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