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6 Types Of Dracaena To Add To Your Houseplant Collection

Dracaena is one of the most popular houseplants in the world. So if you are a houseplant lover, you must grow some dracaena plants for the immense benefits they shower you with. It has many varieties to select from, which are easy to grow and very forgiving of novice gardeners too!

Did you know Dracaena are low-maintenance plants and can adapt to any environment? Also, it’s very easy to maintain their height. All you need to do is prune them timely, which in turn keeps the plants under control & healthy. Dracaena plants are one of the most beautiful collections you will ever find. Moreover, it can be adjusted anywhere inside the house to create an aesthetic look that you have planned for your space and gives you a wide range of colors & types to play with.

Below is an enclosed list of 6 types of Dracaena plants to add to your houseplant collection now:

Dracaena Compacta

Dracaena Compacta is one of the amazing family members of the dracaena family. These plants have an upright growth in shrub form with an unbranched trunk that looks alluring and attention-seeking. The leaves are monochromic and can draw good attention to themselves. Sometimes they grow in clumps by suckering from the enlarged tuber-like rhizomes. The plant is native to Africa and Sudan.

It’s the one variety that would look awesome at the center table, sure to impress your guests!




Dracaena Cincta (Narrow-leaf)

Dracaena Cincta (Narrow-leaf), also known as the “dragon tree”, is an evergreen plant from the land of Madagascar. The plant is perfect for indoors. Hence, loved by those who love to decorate their living rooms. Dracaena Cincta can grow 6-15 feet but can be pruned to keep shorter & leaves healthier.

Its leaves are long & beautifully shaped, growing in a spiral around the trunk.

Dracaena Cincta is perfect for the entrance of your home to welcome everybody with freshness and clean air!



Dracaena Kedarnath

This Dracaena is one of the most amazing family members of the dracaena family. The wide colorful leaves give you a positive and powerful vibe. The plant has cultural importance in areas like New Zealand and the Pacific islands. However, in recent years, the plant has developed popularity in South Asian countries too.

Adding Dracaena Kedarnath to your collection will add a tropical vibe to your home.

Also, the best place to place them can be on the floor or a sofa table. They thrive in low-light conditions as well. Therefore they are hassle-free too!




Dracaena Milky

Dracaena Milky belongs to one of the oldest known indoor plant categories. These beauties are native to Africa, Southern Asia, and Northern America. Dracaena milky is an erect-looking plant with golden-green foliage that appears creamy in color.

The plant is suitable for both outdoor and indoor arrangements. Their bright foliage makes them look perfect when kept in decorative containers and can light up any corner of your house like the sun! Many people prefer keeping them in their balconies to make it look like a perfect spot to spend a weekend eve.

We suggest placing it in the best suitable soil mix to ensure they thrive beautifully!



Dracaena Ray Of Shine

Dracaena Ray of Sunshine, the newest member of the Dracaena family, has its origins in Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands. Its scientific name is Dracaena fragrans massangeana or Dracaena massangeana. This plant grows slowly so that you can keep it in a particular place for a long time. Its colorful leaves are sure to act as eye candy for everyone.

Also, this bushy tree-type indoor plant is ideal for beginners, being low-maintenance. Best thing? Dracaena Ray of Sunshine is drought tolerant and also tolerates low light. Moreover, it helps to improve the quality of air too!




Dracaena Golden

If you are looking for a bold textured indoor plant, then you must go with Dracaena Golden. This plant has admirable glossy green leaves with white & yellow splotches over the surface of the leaf. Most commonly known as Japanese bamboo, it’s native to the western tropical Africa rainforest. This plant is famous for being rugged & low-maintenance. Moreover, it is easy to care for and wants bright light for its healthy-blooming growth. Therefore, avoid keeping this plant in direct sunlight.

You can add this plant to any corner of your space and watch it magically transform!




Dracaena is a must-have ornamental plant that looks gorgeous in any setting. If you wish to buy Dracaena plants online, click here!

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