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8 Plants That Will Trend In 2021 According to Experts

Plants are becoming increasingly popular among people. More and more people are bringing their plants indoors. Having greenery inside the home not only offers ample benefits but also beautifies the interiors of the home. In contrast, it is a personal choice which plant you want in your house, but some of them trend from time to time. In 2020, we saw philodendrons, pothos, aglaonemas, and monsteras as the ‘it’ plants. These topped the houseplant popularity list owing to the lovely foliage shapes, colours, and ease of taking care.

The houseplant trend is only growing in 2021. If you are looking for some beautiful greens, then you can buy green plants online from our platform. We have an exciting range of plants along with planters on our portal. You can easily choose the ones that match your preference as well as your interiors.

If you are wondering which plants should make it to your house plant collection, then look at some hot picks for 2021. This will consist of philodendrons and alocasias. You will also see hanging plants like Linear Hoya and Hanging Hearts making a comeback. If you already have them, you can explore other options. Let’s check out eight ‘it’ houseplants as predicted by the professionals:

  • Lady Palm (Rhapis Palm)

Lady Palm is certainly on the ‘it’ list for 2021. When a plant seller introduced them online in the fall of 2020, they instantly became the top seller. People love large floor plants as they beautify even empty corners of the home. They also help in creating visual appeal in any room and become the focal point. Lady Palm is all that and more. They just stand out in small as well as large spaces. Lady Palm offers for an instant-ready background.

It is a fan-style palm native to China. You can easily grow the plant indoors. You just need to provide bright and indirect sunlight to the plant. It prefers humidity and moisture. With irregular or insufficient watering and dry air, it will get brown tips.

  • Elephant Ear (Alocasia Regal Shield)

The Elephant Ear is going to overtake the Fiddle Leaf Fig and will be a popular large house plant in 2021. The Elephant Ears are popular as landscape plants owing to their big leaves and prominent height. It is an African native plant that is easy to grow indoors. All you need is bright and indirect sunlight. On the upper surface of the plant, you can see the light green veins and purple, yellow veins on the lower surface. These plants add a pop up of colour to any room and make it vibrant.

The plant grows up to 9 inches in height and 4 inch in width, making it a focal point in any room. The plant might need some extra care, but it is certainly a beautiful and Instragrammable plant.

  • Calathea Rattlesnake (Calathea Lancifolia)

calathea rattlesnake online delivery

The plant is going to enjoy the limelight in 2021. Even in a simple pot, the patterned foliage and deep purple under leaf stand out. It has strappy and spotted leaves with deep purple undersides. The plant is named rattlesnake as its leaf pattern resembles rattlesnake. It also makes for a good plant for beginners. It is a brilliant plant as it tells about its needs. When the leaves droop, give it filtered water. It is sensitive to chlorinated water, and it will turn the leaves brown from the edges.

  • Sterling Silver Scindapsus

The plant has caught the attention of many owners. It is a bit of an unconventional plant as it is available only to plant collectors. It is a close relative of pothos and philodendron. The slow-growing plant features dark green foliage along with a silvery sheen on the top. It is adaptable to different light conditions. You can expect more of it in 2021.

  • Polka Dot Plant

2021 seems all about fancy foliage such as Rex Begonia and Begonia Maculata. While the former is popular in gardens, the latter is a perfect houseplant. The plant has unique silver spots on leaves and red undersides. They need bright indirect light, well-aerated soil, and moderate watering.

  • Aglaonema Snow White

The Aglaonema snow white is a hardy, drought-tolerant and low maintenance plant. It is also known for its air-purifying effects as well as for bringing good luck to your home. The plant doesn’t need frequent watering and grows quite well in the indoor environment. The Aglaonemas are amazing shade plants. They are popular ornamental plants as well.

  • Golden Fern

golden fern online delivery

This variety of fern is quite easy to grow. The golden-green colour of the plant leaves makes it a perfect plant for ground cover under shade. Because of the air-purifying qualities, it is also classified as an herb. Golden fern is considered a tough plant because it is tolerant to dry conditions.

  • Anthurium

anthurium - unlimited greens

The Anthurium is a large plant that belongs to the tropical Americas. It has more than 600 species. The Anthuriums are available both as pot plants and cut flowers, and one can recognize them by their colourful tropical look. They grow best in bright, indirect light.

If you are new to houseplants or looking for new ones, then these are top picks from the experts for the year 2021. You can buy plants right now from our website and instantly beautify your home.


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