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The 6 Biggest Anthurium Care Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

The anthuriums are one of the most loved houseplants. You can easily find them in residential and office spaces. What makes this plant a top favourite is that it requires minimal care. The plant bears flowers for several months at a time. They make for a perfect choice of plants for beginners. Just half a glass of water a week, and you get gorgeous flowers for up to eight weeks. Once their flowers are spent, they are followed by new flowers. Every new leaf will have a new flower next to it.

Anthurium is a symbol of exotic beauty. The flowers are of heart like shape and are available in different colours like green, pink, white, and red. There are more than 600 anthurium species. Did you know that the name anthurium was derived from the Greek words ‘anthos’ and ‘oura’, which means flowering tail? Anthurium is also known as the Flamingo flower owing to its unique shape and spadix.

If you wish to buy anthurium plants online, then Unlimited Greens is the right space for you. We offer a variety of plants and fancy pots for beautifying your indoor and outdoor spaces. The anthurium plant on our website is affordably priced, and you can get it delivered within 5-7 business days. With an online nursery like ours, you need not step out and hustle to find your favourite plant. Just choose the plant, make the payment, and receive it at your doorstep. Even if you are a novice, anthurium is easy to take care of, rendering lovely results.

However, many times, anthurium owners make mistakes while taking care of the plant. A simple care routine can also have scope for errors. This can lead to unwanted results. Being aware of mistakes is the best way of avoiding them. Today, we will look at some of the common anthurium care mistakes and how they can be avoided.


One of the first mistakes is overwatering. The plant grows best when you allow the soil to dry out in between the watering session. Too much or frequent watering can cause root rotting. This might affect the long-term health of anthurium. It is best to water the anthurium with only six ice cubes once every week.


anthurium repotting

When you buy anthurium plants, make sure you water them enough. It should not get completely dry out. If the plant dries out completely, you might need to soak the root ball in water for rehydration. If you water them once a week, underwatering will not be a problem.


While pest infection is more common for outdoor anthuriums, that doesn’t mean your indoor anthuriums are completely safe. The thick leaves of anthurium don’t attract chewing pests. They are vulnerable to sucking insects that feed on the plant sap. The best thing is to keep an eye on the plant for signs of infection. When the infection is caught early, it can be treated. Wipe the leaves with Pyrethrin-based insecticide, horticultural soap, or oil spray.

Sunburnt leaves

The anthurium can get sunburnt as well. That’s why the best practice is to place the plant in a bright room or near the window. You should avoid placing it under direct sunlight. If the plant is getting too much sun, move it to another location immediately.

Low temperature

Anthurium is a tropical plant, and it grows better in temperatures higher than 20 degrees Celsius and with at least 80% of humidity. This is the reason many people love to place the anthuriums in the bathroom. If you like to place the plant elsewhere in your home or need humidity, run a humidifier occasionally. This will help in keeping the anthurium healthy.

Failing to repot

You need to repot anthurium every two or three years. If you don’t repot the plant, it can affect the growth and overall health of the plant. Keep a look at the plant and see if it has outgrown the existing pot.

These are some of the essential tips for keeping your anthurium healthy and growing. Anthuriums also make for perfect gifting items. Explore anthurium plants for sale online on our portal and place your orders today. You can also have a look at our other range of plants.

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