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Top 5 Exotic Plants That Thrive in India

India, with its diverse climate and rich soil, is a haven for numerous plant species. While the country is home to many indigenous plants, there are also several exotic species that have made India their home. These plants not only add a unique touch to gardens and homes but also come with their own set of benefits. In this article, we delve into the top 5 exotic plants that have found their footing in the Indian subcontinent and are thriving splendidly.


    Money Tree Pachira

    Often referred to as the "Good Luck Tree", the Money Tree Pachira is renowned for bringing prosperity and fortune. This belief stems from an old Taiwanese legend where a poor farmer discovered the plant and believed it to be a sign of good luck. Its unique braided trunk and luscious green leaves make it a favorite among houseplant enthusiasts.


    Growing Tips:

    Prefers indirect sunlight.

    Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged.

    Avoid placing it in drafty areas.


      Philondendron Prince of Orange

      A vibrant addition to any space, the Philodendron Prince of Orange boasts leaves that transition from a bright orange to a deeper green as they mature. This dynamic color change gives the plant its regal name and sets it apart from other houseplants.


      Growing Tips:

      Requires moderate sunlight.

      Water when the top inch of soil feels dry.

      A well-draining soil mix is ideal.


        Alocasia Dragonscale Plant

        With its striking dragon scale-like appearance, this plant is a true conversation starter. The Alocasia Dragon Scale Plant has velvety leaves that showcase intricate venation, resembling the scales of a dragon.


        Growing Tips:

        Prefers bright, indirect light.

        Needs high humidity.

        Ensure the soil remains slightly damp.


          Duck Vine Plant

          Known for its heart-shaped leaves, the Duck Vine Plant is a versatile addition to gardens. It's often used as ground cover in ponds and wet areas. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, the plant is also used in traditional Asian medicine for its therapeutic properties.


          Growing Tips:

          Grows best in wet, boggy areas.

          Prefers partial to full sunlight.

          Can be grown both in water and soil.


            Raven ZZ Plant

            The Raven ZZ Plant is a stunning variant of the classic ZZ plant. Its dark, nearly black leaves give it a mysterious and elegant look. This low-maintenance plant is perfect for beginners or those looking for a unique touch to their plant collection.


            Growing Tips:

            Tolerant of low light conditions.

            Water sparingly, allowing the soil to dry between watering.

            Thrives in well-draining soil.



            India's climate and diverse landscapes offer the perfect setting for these exotic plants to flourish. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, these plants are sure to elevate the look of your space and possibly even bring a touch of good luck! Always remember to research individual care instructions for each plant to ensure they thrive in your specific environment. You can find these plants here.

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