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Araucaria Plant online - Unlimited Greens. Buy Christmas Tree online
Araucaria plant Unlimited Greens online
Christmas tree online Unlimited Greens
(14 customer reviews)



Araucaria, the Christmas Tree in India Increases the aesthetics and beauty of your indoor and outside space by developing a most iconic and evergreen Christmas plant. The Araucaria is called a Living Christmas Tree in India.

The plant height is 15-20 inches

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Araucaria, The Christmas Tree in India increases the aesthetics and beauty of your indoor and outside space by developing the most iconic and evergreen Christmas plant. Also, Araucaria is called a Living Christmas Tree in India. Moreover, this plant is known as the star pine, New Caledonia-pine, cook pine, and also triangle tree.

The moderately short, generally flat branches are in whorls around the thin, upstanding to marginally inclining trunk. The branchlets are covered with green, incurved, point-tipped, spiral, covering leaves. Its youthful leaves are needle-like, while the more extensive grown-up leaves are three-sided and scale-like. The bark strips off in papery strips and is unpleasant, dim, and resinous. The trees have a slim, tower-like crown and appear as though abnormally tall, flimsy Christmas trees. Also, Christmas Tree is famously used as a fancy tree in nurseries, schools, planted independently or on roads.

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Weight 1.7 kg

Fresh plant with suitable soil expert.
Size – 12 to 18 Inches


Premium quality pot.
Size – 6 Inches

Care Tips

Care tips from our plant's expert.

Care Tips

3-6 hours of morning daylight daily is ideal for the plant
to develop well and normal direct splendid light for the remainder of the
Water thoroughly but only when soil is dry 2 inches down. Being a hardy plant, it can survive at any temperature. The dirt should be all around depleted and ripe, wealthy in natural
substance for developing plants.

14 reviews for Araucaria

  1. Kaira Chaudhary

    healty plant.. looks stunning in my room,

  2. Nitin Sharma

    This plant is love….low maintenance…great look…awesome!!!!

  3. Kabir Vats

    this plant is so beautiful

  4. Suman Kalyan Giri

    Nice plant… best part iz you can seethe quality of the plant before its delivery.

  5. Priyanka

    The packaging is mind blowing .. very professional.. I am very impressed !! The plants are delivered safely .. just like a baby !! I have decided to buy 9 more to fill my garden area .. literally planning to re do my garden just to accommodate more plants !!

  6. Chanchal Kaushik

    plant is like magic!!

  7. Shivam Gupta

    Mother’s Day gift 2021. This was a wonderful investment. My mother just moved and this is her first plant in her new home. It’s has become a source of beauty and joy for my parents. This has been a phenomenal experience. Purchase was easy, shipped on time, arrived on specified date, healthy plant! Seamless. Such a well run operation.

  8. Atul Chawla

    Love all the plants purchased from Unlimited Greens, for myself and as gifts for friends.

  9. Ganesh

    Due to delay in transportation the plant dried up a bit. But luckily after keeping it in the Sun and watering it, its doing well

  10. Mansi Khandelwal

    Plant i received came good, just slightly dry

  11. Vivek shrivastava

    Plant was just at the perfect condition at the time i received it. also got some good tips from the customer support of the team for better guidance.

  12. Darsh Shah

    Some of the leaves were dry when it arrived. still in good condition. Better tahn the previous experiences i had been with other places online plant purchase.

  13. Jaspal Dorch

    It gave me a little looks like Christmas tree. That is why order it this soon. So i can grow and make it bigger enough to celebrate Christmas. Well it delivered safely and good in health. Just expecting it grow faster. 😂

  14. Avesh Juneja

    Delivery was two days late that is why plants health went too down 👎 the only thing good was packaging and also caretips. Wish it will get in old form soon

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