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Araucaria, the Christmas Tree in India Increases the aesthetics and beauty of your indoor and outside space by developing a most iconic and evergreen Christmas plant. The Araucaria is called a Living Christmas Tree in India.

The plant height is 15-20 inches

Araucaria, The Christmas Tree in India increases the aesthetics and beauty of your indoor and outside space by developing the most iconic and evergreen Christmas plant. Araucaria is also called a Living Christmas Tree in India. Moreover, this plant is known as the star pine, New Caledonia-pine, cook pine, and also triangle tree.

The moderately short, generally flat branches are in whorls around the thin, upstanding to marginally inclining trunk. The branchlets are covered with green, incurved, point-tipped, spiral, covering leaves. Its youthful leaves are needle-like, while the more extensive grown-up leaves are three-sided and scale-like. The bark strips off in papery strips and is unpleasant, dim, and resinous. The trees have a slim, tower-like crown and appear as though abnormally tall, flimsy Christmas trees. Also, Christmas Tree is famously used as a fancy tree in nurseries, schools, planted independently or on roads.

Care Tips:

  1. Daylight: Keep the plant in characteristic backhanded splendid Light. In
    any event 3-6 hours of ideally morning daylight daily is ideal for the plant
    to develop well and normal direct splendid light for the remainder of the
  2. Water: Jab your finger/plain little stick into the dirt to check the
    dampness. When topsoil (1-2inches) feels dry to contact. Water
    altogether in the late spring and lessen watering in winter and blustery
  3. Soil: The dirt should be all around depleted and ripe, wealthy in natural
    substance for developing plants.
  4. Fertilizer: During the main developing season (Feb-August) feed the
    plant with natural manure.

(Note: Pictures are for reference reasons. A Real item may change fit as a fiddle or appearance dependent on the atmosphere, age, tallness, and so on the item is replaceable yet not returnable.)
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  1. Kaira Chaudhary

    healty plant.. looks stunning in my room,

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