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Betel Leaf – Paan


Betel plant known as Magahi Paan is famous for ages across North India and is edible. It is perfect for a medicinal garden and the alluring beautiful foliage makes it a perfect choice to thrive in hanging baskets.

The plant height is 5-6.5 inches

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Buy Paan Plant Online for Your In-House Betel Leaves

Betel Leaf – Paan plant known as Magahi Paan is famous for ages across North India and is edible. Also, it is commonly known as Naagarvel and Vidache paan. The plant blooms during the spring season and early summers. The maximum reachable height for the plant is 150 to 180 cm. Did you know it has dark red coloured flowers? Moreover, the plant is quite easy to grow, which makes it a must-buy Paan plant online.

More about Betel leaves online

It is a creeper that grows in India and belongs to the pepper family. Additionally, you can buy Betel leaves online at affordable prices and place them in your backyard or balcony. It has waxy green heart-shaped leaves, used for both medicinal and culinary purpose. Moreover, its crushed leaves exude a peppery scent. These leaves are used in making a famous dessert known as Paan. Also, with betel nut it is chewed like a mouth freshener.

If you are looking for various reasons to buy the Betel leaf plant, below are some:

  • The betel leaf juice offers relief from internal pains in the body.
  • Betel leaves are also famous for being a powerhouse of antioxidants, clearing radicals from the body.
  • If you are suffering from stomach upset, you can get relief from chewing betel leaves.
  • The leaves also help in relieving constipation.
  • It is also a natural remedy for a common cold.
  • The leaves are good for diabetic people.
  • It lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Betel leaves help in healing wounds.
  • They also improve your oral health.

This plant is perfect for a medicinal garden and the alluring beautiful foliage makes it a perfect choice to thrive in hanging baskets. Consecutively, it is very much known for the health benefits that it brings for the stomach especially.

In India, Betel leaves holds a great significance in various rituals or customs. Hence, they are a mark of regard for auspicious beginnings. Additionally, they are evergreen perennials with glossy, wide, and broad leaves that attract and scream for attention.

Below are some of the essential care tips for Betel Leaf – Paan to thrive well: 

  •   Soil: They prefer well-drained soil, rich in organic matter.
  •   Sunlight: They grow well in indirect and partial sunlight. Thus, place the plant in natural indirect bright light. However, place the plant in a place that receives at least 5-6 hours of sunlight daily.
  •   Temperature: The plant prefers a pleasant temperature and survives at a minimum of 18 C.
  •   Water: Watering only when the soil feels dry.
  •   Fertilizer: Adding composts, leaf mold and well rotten cow dung will make the foliage look brighter and healthy.
  •   Growth: Regular pruning and plucking of the leaves encourage new growth and tender leaves.

Lastly, our Betel leaf plant nursery offers the best plants for your home. Have these and be sure to complete your kitchen garden! If you’d like to check out more medicinal plants to pair this with and fulfill your needs, click here!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy paan plant online and grow it at home. Growing the plant is easy provided you place them indoors or in the balcony where there is partial sunlight. The plant prefers rich, well-drained soil with partial shade. You need to keep it moist but avoid overwatering. In colder areas, you can develop them successfully by hanging them in a basket or large pot and move to a warm sheltered position in winter.

For the plant to grow and thrive, it needs acidic, sandy, and damp soil. If growing in a container, choose a deep container. Choose a less windy spot with partial shade for planting. Once you buy paan plants online, you can grow them at home by taking these precautions.

Yes, you can chew the betel leaves directly. The betel leaves are used widely in India and are quite popular due to their medicinal and culinary uses. The maghai paan is loved by people. There are different types of betel leaves, and apart from maghai you can also find Calcutta and Banarasi paan.

The plant can be grown at home indoors provided you offer them the right growing conditions. The betel leaf plant sunlight requirement is moderate. They grow well where there is partial sunlight.

The betel leaf has a lot of use in our households. From using it in paan to offering it to the holy deities, you cannot do without it. It is also recommended to chew paan leaves for their medicinal benefits. People like to have flavourful paan as a mouth freshener, but it also helps the health in many ways. Thus, it can be helpful in several ways to buy a betel leaf plant for your home.

The leaves are a storehouse of vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, and carotene, along with calcium. It can help in treating diabetes as well as aids in weight loss. The paan leaves help in curing headaches and heals wounds. If you also wish to house the medicinal plant, the betel leaf plant nursery is the right place to find it.

Yes, the betel plant can survive in winters provided you take extra care of the plant and pot it in a container. Once you buy betel leaves online, you need to take proper care to ensure healthy growth. During winters, you should keep the plant indoors so that they get warm and cosy surroundings. Betel leaf thrives in a hot and humid climate, so winters can damage them if kept outdoors.

The betel plant is easy to maintain and grow, and you can benefit from its amazing medicinal and culinary properties. If you are looking for a paan plant online store, Unlimited Greens is the right place for you.

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