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Oregano Plant Online, Kitchen garden herbs online - Unlimited Greens
Oregano plant online, Unlimited Greens
Oregano plant price, Unlimited Greens
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Oregano is an aromatic, bushy, woody branched perennial; which grows to 35-40 cm in height. They are native to temperate western Eurasia. The flavored leaves are used either fresh or dried, like culinary herbs for a variety of food dishes, particularly on Italian dishes and pizza.

The plant height is 9-12 inches

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Buy Oregano Plant Online at Unlimited Greens

What makes the Oregano plant online a must-have?

Oregano is an aromatic, bushy, woody branched perennial, which grows to 35-40 cm in height. They are native to temperate western Eurasia. The flavoured leaves are used either fresh or dried, like culinary herbs for a variety of food dishes, particularly on Italian dishes and pizza. Plant leaves are oval, and 1-4 cm long, oppositely arranged.

The edges of the leaves are smooth or very shallowly toothed, and the leaf tips vary from pointed to blunt. Moreover, flowers are tiny, borne in many-flowered, branch end spikes. The flowers are white to purplish, 4-8 mm long, and have two lips.

The plants might be attacked by aphids, spider mites, and suffer root or stem rots. So, take proper precautions and care. Also, harvest the leaves when you need them. It is said that the most-flavoured leaves are found right before the flowers begin to bloom. You can also freeze the leaves so that you can use them later on. They store well and dry easily; just keep them in an airtight container.

Buy Oregano plant online for an in-house supply of tasty herb

All you need is a handful of plants to get enough oregano to use fresh in the season and dry to use during the winters. The plant is not just great for ornamental purposes but also offers a wide array of medicinal uses when ingested or applied topically.

So, don’t miss out on this plant if you love herbs and if you are an Italian food junkie. Also, if you are very interested in fresh kitchen garden plants, click here to check out more from our range!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are the flowers produced by Oregano plants edible?

Ans. Yes, the flowers produced by oregano plants are edible. If you want to buy oregano plants online then you can trust Unlimited Greens for the best service and quality, with 29 years of hands-on experience in nurturing plants.

Q2. Are dried up leaves on my oregano plant safe to eat?

Ans. The leaves on oregano plants tend to dry at times due to the nature of the plant, but they are completely safe to eat. If you want to buy an oregano plant online, then get your hands on the freshest one by Unlimited Greens.

Q3. How long does an oregano plant last?

Ans. oregano plants are permanent. It also depends on the quality of the plant and the care provided. If you want the best quality, then you can buy an oregano plant online from Unlimited Greens, who provide care tips as well.

Q4. How to plant and grow oregano?

Ans. Oregano Plants are pretty easy to care for if you get your hands on good quality ones. You can buy oregano plants online from Unlimited Greens. We have great quality plants. In order to care for an oregano plant, you should put it in a place which receives full sunlight, occasionally water it and maintain the ideal humid environment.


Weight 0.9 kg

Fresh plant with suitable soil mix.
Size – 6 to 9 Inches


Premium quality pot.
Size – 5 Inches

Care Tips

Care tips from our plant's expert.

Care Tips

Make sure you place them under full and the strong sun. This helps in ensuring strong flavours.  Keeping the soil moderately moist is a good idea to keep them thriving well.  The plant prefers pleasant temperatures and loves low temperatures. Winters are the ideal time when these blooms.  Oregano prefers sandy-loamy soil with good drainage ability to thrive well.

10 reviews for Oregano

  1. Ankush bag

    I order 5 plants from here and get those plant exactly like shown in the website

  2. Sandeep Popli

    Received healthy plants from UG. Recommending to all friends..

  3. Rekha Sharma

    Received this plant in healthy condition, thanks for this free pot.

  4. Janki Patel

    This plant brings so much positivity to my home, and the surprise gift you gave was great

  5. Shivam nandan

    really fit plant…quality wise 10/10👍

  6. Pikhu Gupta

    Very good quality plant.
    A must have plant at your home.

  7. Pranjal

    The plant is healthy as I recieved it.
    However was a little smaller than expected well no worries will wait till grows.

  8. Prabir Kumar Das

    Love my plants! Very healthy and in good shape on arrival, despite a couple being a little smaller than anticipated. However, these have both put out new leaves in short order and now exceed expectations.

  9. Prakarti Vyaas

    The plant i received was in good condition but i delivers with a little delay. still i am glad that nothing happened to plant

  10. Kanish Luniya

    Received a healthy herb. wanted bigger But is was good.

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