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Oregano is an aromatic, bushy, woody branched perennial; which grows to 35-40 cm in height. They are native to temperate western Eurasia. The flavored leaves are used either fresh or dried, like culinary herbs for a variety of food dishes, particularly on Italian dishes and pizza.

The plant height is 5-6.5 inches

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What makes the Oregano plant online a must-have?

Oregano is an aromatic, bushy, woody branched perennial, which grows to 35-40 cm in height. They are native to temperate western Eurasia. The flavoured leaves are used either fresh or dried, like culinary herbs for a variety of food dishes, particularly on Italian dishes and pizza. Plant leaves are oval, and 1-4 cm long, oppositely arranged.

The edges of the leaves are smooth or very shallowly toothed, and the leaf tips vary from pointed to blunt. Moreover, flowers are tiny, borne in many-flowered, branch end spikes. The flowers are white to purplish, 4-8 mm long, and have two lips.

Below are some of the Care Tips for Oregano plant to thrive adequately:

  • Soil: Oregano prefers sandy-loamy soil with good drainage ability to thrive well.
  • Sunlight: They grow well in full sun or part shade. When you buy Oregano plant online, make sure you place them under full and the strong sun. This helps in ensuring strong flavours.
  • Temperature: The plant prefers pleasant temperatures and loves low temperatures. Winters are the ideal time when these blooms.
  • Water: Keeping the soil moderately moist is a good idea to keep them thriving well. Oregano doesn’t need as much water as other herbs. Water thoroughly and less often only when the soil feels dry to touch. If you have a container, water until the water comes out of the drainage holes in the bottom of the container.
  • Planting: for a head start, plant the seeds/ cuttings 6-10 weeks before the last spring frost. The plant is easily established when started from seeds, but it can also grow if you use cuttings.
  • Trim: allow the oregano to grow to about 4 inches and then pinch or trim lightly to have a denser and bushier plant. Regular trimming the oregano plant online helps the plant to branch again and avoids legginess.
  • Quality: for ensuring the best quality of your plant, thin out plants that are 3-4 years old during early spring. Oregano is self-seeding, and hence it will grow back easily.

The plants might be attacked by aphids, spider mites, and suffer root or stem rots. So, take proper precautions and care. Also, harvest the leaves when you need them. It is said that the most-flavoured leaves are found right before the flowers begin to bloom. You can also freeze the leaves so that you can use them later on. They store well and dry easily; just keep them in an airtight container.

Buy Oregano plant online for an in-house supply of tasty herb

All you need is a handful of plants to get enough oregano to use fresh in the season and dry to use during the winters. The plant is not just great for ornamental purposes but also offers a wide array of medicinal uses when ingested or applied topically.

So, don’t miss out on this plant if you love herbs and if you are an Italian food junkie. Also, if you are very interested in fresh kitchen garden plants, click here to check out more from our range!

Frequently Asked Questions

Oregano plant is a perennial herb. You can use 6” pots where it can assume trailing aspect, which is often found in outdoor plants. It is an amazing plant for hot, dry, and sunny locations. It can thrive indoors when given sufficient sunlight. Pinching off the leaves regularly will help the plant in getting bushier and increase the harvest. Even in a single pot, you will get more oregano than you can use.

When you buy the oregano plant online for indoors, place it near a bright window in the morning sun. Water them regularly but avoid overwatering. Allow the soil to dry between watering. The plant can thrive at a temperature between 50 degrees F and 80 degrees F. It needs airy, light, fast-draining soil. Use organic fertilizer or fortify the soil with compost. Repotting the plant is not a good idea, and you should cut the plant back once it begins to get unruly.

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When you buy an oregano plant, you need to take proper care so that it can grow into a healthy plant. It needs lighter and drier soil that is well-drained. You must allow the soil to dry completely between the watering. Overwatering is not beneficial for oregano, and you should water it only when the soil is dry to touch. Oregano needs protection during winters from wind damage.

Don’t add compost or fertilizers to its growing area. A large amount of nutrients can change the flavour of the herb. You can buy the oregano plant online from us at Unlimited Greens.

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Oregano plant is a perennial herb that may die in extremely cold winters. It is simple to preserve the oregano leaves. Once the dew dries on the harvesting oregano, wait till the next morning. The essential oils in the herbs are highest in concentration in the warm mornings. The best flavour of the oregano can be achieved when the herb is harvested just in the flower buds’ form.

Use scissors or garden shears for removing stems from the plant. Cut back just above the growth node or set of leaves. It allows the plants to produce more flavourful leaves. Rinse the stems slightly to remove dust or mulch. Shake the excess moisture before drying and preserving them. Store them in a dark, dry location for preserving the flavour. Using glass bottles or airtight plastic containers is recommended as light and air will degrade the flavour of the herb.


To get healthy and organic homegrown oregano, buy oregano plants from Unlimited Greens.

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Once you buy oregano plants online and it’s the harvest season, there are many ways you can dry and preserve them. You can pull off the tiny leaves and dry them separately. You can dry the entire stem and crumble off the crisp leaves. Bundle the oregano stems together and hang them for drying in a dark and dry spot. Place a paper bag around the herbs to catch bits of leaves when they fall and to keep the dirt and dust off.

Another approach is drying the stems on food dehydrator trays in a single layer or place them on the trays for several days in a warm room. During the drying process, keep on turning the stems several times. This will allow you to expose the leaves evenly to air and heat.

Buying oregano plant online can be one of the best decisions as you can enjoy the fresh herb from your home garden with complete assurance of quality.

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Even with dropping temperatures, you don’t need to say goodbye to your oregano plant. The herbs can survive cold winters while continuing to produce flavourful foliage as long as you grow them indoors and offer some protection. You can cover the herbs, which help in trapping the heat that rises from the soil and elevates the temperature inside. Cold frames topped with glass panes that slope downward ensure that most sunlight reaches the plants inside.

You can also cover the herb with a thick layer of mulch. Another way is to pot up the herbs and move them into a frost-free place or sun porch. Growing herbs in front of the sunny window can also help. You can buy oregano plant online from Unlimited Greens and enjoy fresh herbs throughout the year.

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