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5 Must-Have Kitchen Garden Herbs for your Home

Be it Health benefits or a medium to oomph up any dish at home, Herbs come to our rescue more often than you realize! Herb babies are easy to not only maintain but grow at home as well. You don’t need to be a cook to make use of fresh herbs straight from your garden to impress your guests with a tinge of new flavor in your cuisine. But if you are a chef, your eyes already recognized the value herbs add to dishes! This alone is a good reason to maintain a kitchen garden either in the outside space or near your window sill that receives direct sunlight.

Here are the 5 Must-Have Kitchen Garden Herbs for you to begin with:

Basil: It is one such plant that truly takes over the garden with its aroma. If you are a fan of Italian dishes and particularly Mediterranean cuisines, basil is the one for you! Its distinctive flavor can add zest to any dish you’d like, especially pesto or marinara sauce. Did you know the basil plant comes in many varieties? All these varieties have their own unique taste, which means you can explore them all to find the one that suits you best. Apart from cooking enhancement, this herb plays a virtuous role as a medicinal plant. Basil has the power to treat stomach ulcers, insect bites, malaria, and nausea among other health issues. No wonder it is called the “Queen of Herbs”!

Thyme: This herb with an earthy flavor is much in demand in the French cooking style. You can use it to create delicious seafood, vegetables, soups and even add it to evening cocktails or teas to serve your guests a revamped version that they’ll rave about! Moreover, this herb is an active ingredient in many pesticides. Thyme is a good component in essential oil for medicinal purposes and a disinfectant as well. This herb is efficient in treating stomach pain, cough, diarrhea, and skin issues too. Thyme contains good vitamins such as A and C, which can help you recover. It’s the Thyme to switch to a healthy lifestyle!

Oregano: Everybody is aware of oregano as an excellent culinary ingredient that leads to savory tomato or olive oil-based dishes. But are you aware of how easy it is to care for and grow in your garden under direct sunlight? Apart from it’s cooking benefits, it acts as a powerful antioxidant and antibacterial plant. Most importantly, oregano is wonderful for improving gut and heart health, reduce cough, strengthen the immunity system and boost energy. It’s essential oil also helps to treat yeast infections. Lastly, it is a wonderful natural painkiller as well.

 Peppermint: Freshly cut peppermint is widely known for its cooling properties. Peppermint leaves are infused in teas, as the awareness expands of its benefits. This plant helps in relieving stress, lose weight, improves your sleep cycle, freshens up your breath, and soothes down sinus congestion. Additionally, if you suffer from low energy levels, peppermint tea is the way out for you to reduce that fatigue. Peppermint oil is one such underrated gem that comes with its own set of merits. It can help you destroy foodborne bacteria, tone down itching levels and muscle pain, treat nausea and migraines too. Therefore, it is among those Kitchen Garden Herbs which are extremely good!

Ashwagandha: Popularly recognized as a plant that builds up the body’s immunity levels and acts as an agent in fighting against disease. Amid the global pandemic, this plant is what you need to stock on! Ayurveda’s important herb, Ashwagandha brings plenty of health benefits with itself. It helps improve your mental health by fighting depression, anxiety, and stress among other things. If you are looking to enhance your brain’s function, this is the perfect plant for you. Moreover, it is one such plant that increases your endurance and stamina. It can stabilize your blood sugar levels too. Ashwagandha is much needed to improve the quality of life and revitalize the mind and body itself. Being “King of Ayurvedic herbs”, it overtakes every other herb.

Using fresh herbs straight from the garden adds the perfect source of health benefits. You will enjoy growing these and reap their merits to the fullest once you notice the powerful results yourselves. As mentioned above, it can ward off many diseases and ease your daily life. If you’d like to go slow then the best way is to pick the one that targets your problem area and give it a fair trial. Looking for Kitchen Garden Herbs online? Buy the best quality, organically grown herbs at Unlimited Greens, delivered to your doorstep at the earliest. Click to check the herb collection here!

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