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Planning To Move The Succulents Indoors During Winters? Keep These Helpful Tips In Mind!

The house plants that are tropical in nature need to be kept indoors when there is an extreme temperature outside. However, different plants have various needs, and the same treatment can’t meet their needs. Especially when it comes to succulents, you can’t simply place them indoors at any corner. They need cosy and warm space during winters for good health.

Most of their species lack the agility for surviving frost, and hence they should be moved to a safe place before the weather gets extreme for them to survive. The succulents are store water and are fleshy. This makes them vulnerable during cold temperatures. During winters, the water inside freezes and kills the plants. If you have succulents or planning to buy succulent plants online, you need to bring them indoors before the onset of winters.

Moving the succulents indoors will help in getting plenty of sunlight for them along with the required amount of water. This will help them sustain through winters. One of the good things about moving succulents inside is that they grow in pots and annual containers. So, you can easily move them inside.

Here’s a look at tips to prepare succulents for winters:

Preparations Before Taking Succulents Inside

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  • Before you move the succulents, spray a surface insecticide on them. This should be done at least 3 weeks before so that they become pest-free. This way, you can save other indoor plants from getting pest infected.
  • The next step is to remove debris, leaves, and weeds. Also, check for any signs of infestation. Change the soil if you see flies around the plant. Otherwise, they will spread to other indoor plants.
  • Make sure that the plant is potted in a planter with a drainage hole. Succulents need good air circulation for maintaining healthy roots. The outdoor setting offers them good airflow. Hence, they need a good soil mix for indoors. Add pumice or perlite for increasing drainage of your potting.
  • Try to reduce the amount of water from your succulents over time. Lesser water and low temperature will help them become adept at colder temperatures during winters.

Tips for Taking Care of Succulents Indoors

  • When you have succulents indoors, stop watering them and allow the soil to dry out completely. Water them sparsely; just prevent them from getting dehydrated.
  • Make sure that the temperature is always from 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • You need to ensure enough sunlight for the succulents when indoors. They are used to getting exposed to sunlight outdoors. You need to provide a similar growing condition for them inside as well. Keeping them near a sunny window for 6-8 hours can be enough.
  • If you don’t get enough sunlight naturally, you might get growth light for them. Fluorescent lights can help succulents grow in a healthy way.

The Right Time to Bring Succulents Indoor

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The succulents are used to hot and humid climate! Thus, it can be challenging for them to sustain the freezing weather during the winter season. Some succulent varieties like Echeveria, Crassula, and Aloe need frost protection when the temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Others can survive if the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Irrespective of their variety, you must never place them in freezing temperatures. As mentioned above, succulents store a lot of water inside their leaves, trunks, and stems. When the temperature begins to drop, water expands and bursts out through the cell’s membrane.

Gradually, the plant will die. Even your plants can sense winter when days get shorter with lower temperatures.

However, you can keep them healthy and fit by taking proper precautions and care inside the home. You can prevent them from sensing a change in the weather conditions.

These useful tips will help in taking care of your plants and helping them survives the extreme climate. You can buy succulents online from our webpage if you are looking for low maintenance plants and need lesser water. Succulents also make for a good addition to your interiors.

If you are looking for succulents for sale online, we can offer some of the amazing plants at the best prices. You can also explore our webpage to have a look at our extensive plant and planter collection.

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