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Are Your Anthurium Plants Losing Flowers? Here’s A Look At Some Anthurium Plant Tips For Reblooming

Anthurium is a popular plant owing to its beautiful flowers. The anthurium flowers are also known as flamingo flowers. The flowers are actually modified heart-shaped leaves and are crimson, white, or pink in colour. If you are also a proud owner of the lovely anthurium plant, you might have experienced the plants losing flowers. The beauty of the plant makes it more disheartening to see them falling from the plant.

The plant loses the bloom as a part of the life cycle, and it’s natural. Normally, an anthurium plant blooms throughout the year in a 3-month interval. The flowers falling off can be a sign that you are in-between the blooms. If not taken care of the right way, it can be temperamental. The flowers falling off are a sign that you need some changes.

When you buy Anthurium online, you must cut off the browning flowers with sharp shears. This will encourage healthy growth, and the plant will devote energy to retaining healthy flowers. If the health of your Anthurium keeps on deteriorating, there might be some common reasons that you need to address. This will help the Anthurium in recovering.

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  • Underwatering or overwatering the Anthurium

Both underwatering the plant or overwatering can lead to flowers falling off. However, too much water can cause rotting of the root and kill the plant altogether. If the plant leaves are turning brown along with the plant losing them, you need to make changes in the plant care routine. During the growing phase, i.e., March to September, keep the soil a little moist. Water the Anthurium sufficiently and allow the top 1-2 inches to dry completely. Water only after the soil dries completely.

  • Cold causing damage to the plant

Anthuriums are tropical plants, and they need a warm temperature to sustain themselves. The indoor plants are usually warm, but they are prone to cold damage. The AC units and winter season can cause cold damage. Anthurium needs temperatures between 65-80 degrees during the day. It should not be cooler than 60 degrees at night. Air circulation in the house can help your plant. Avoid placing the plant near heating and AC vents/ fans.

  • Improper lighting condition

When the plant receives more light, it produces more flowers. But never expose the plant to direct sunlight. It will make you lose flowers as well as kill the plant. Place the plant in an area with indirect bright sunlight. They can handle less light during the winters.


  • Improper humidity

The Anthurium thrives in a little humid environment. Misting the plant daily can help it recover fast. During winters, the air gets much drier. The Pebble tray or humidifier can help in winters.

When the Anthurium is cared for the right way, it can bloom throughout the year. Each bloom lasts for 2-3 months. If you get to mimic the conditions of natural rain forest habitat, they can bloom six times a year. When the anthurium plant goes through its lifecycle, you can make certain changes to make it survive. Let’s have a look at some tips for reblooming the anthuriums:

  • Choose anthurium location carefully. Place it in a brightly lit, warm room with enough circulation, but avoid direct sunlight. Place it near the window, so it receives plenty of bright indirect light.
  • For modern homes with central air and heating, regulating the temperature of the home is not an issue. Make sure it isn’t placed near the outside door or vent. The ideal temperature for their growth is between 70- 85 degrees F.
  • Keep your anthuriums from root rotting due to improper watering. To avoid this, give your plant six ice cubes or one-half cup of water per week.
  • When you notice a flower on Anthurium is past its prime, remove it safely. This helps plants in putting energy into developing new blooms.
  • Remove the brown as well as dead leaves.

Taking simple steps can help the plant in reblooming

If you haven’t already bought the gorgeous plant for your home or wish to invest in the new one, Anthurium plant online India can be bought from our portal. You can also explore our other range of plants and pots for your home and office space.


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