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Top Gardening Trends To Be Follow

Gardening can truly be therapeutic. It can also be one of the best ways of spending ‘me’ time doing something that relaxes you. Even people in urban areas are coming up with ideas to accommodate some space for greenery. Something is satisfying about taking care of plants and watching them grows. The increased interest in gardening has bought new gardeners and gardening ideas into the picture. While some like to grow food, others like brighter gardens with flowers.

You can get easy access to plants these days. That is to say there is no need to move out to buy your favourite plants. You can buy plants online India from our portal at an affordable price. We house a wide array of plants and pots to beautify your gardening space. Just choose your favourite plants and place the order online. All deliveries are made within 5-7 business days.

If you love gardening or it’s your newly found love, here’s a look at the new gardening trends to follow:

  • Go Native

More and more people are choosing native plants. There are ample benefits of the native plants. They can easily tolerate the climatic conditions of your area. You need to worry less when you have native plants in your garden. They can sustain through summer, winter, and rainy season. Also, they have had thousands of years to adapt to stress from pests or diseases. They do better than non-native plants in extreme weather.

  • Multi-season Green

permanent plants online delivery

Spring and summer are not the only garden seasons anymore. There is a focus on trees and plants, which offer multi-season interest. People like to choose plants that display their colour, texture, fruit, and flowers during winters; it is when we need the splash of colours the most. For any cold seasoned plants, containers are the best options.

  • Creativity with Food Plants

If you are into food plants, it is time to explore newer varieties along with the traditional plant choices. For example, mini watermelons, purple cauliflower, heirloom tomatoes, blue kale, pattypan squash, purple bell peppers, and towering basil. You get not only a diverse looking garden but also a nutritious and richer diet. If you are looking for a winter gardening activity, then you know which seeds to choose!

  • A Pollinator Garden

Over the years, people are realizing the significance of pollinators. Even small spaces designated for pollinators can help in fighting climate change. It provides space for insects on which our food system sustains. If you don’t have an entire lawn, then even a small garden bed or few containers can be converted into pollinators. The best practice is to choose a diverse group of native plants to attract pollinators.

  • Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are a practical solution for homes that lack space for gardening activity. This is the best option for smaller homes. The first thing to do is choose a wall and build a frame. Use a plastic sheet behind the frame so that water doesn’t touch the wall directly. Then you need an irrigation system and then plants and pots. Top recommendations for the vertical garden are Boston Ivy, honeysuckle, succulents, lemon balm, etc. It can be a great addition to home interiors as well.

  • Smart Technology

We are seeing the advent of technology in all sectors. It is not just confined to phones and computers but has touched aspects of gardening as well. People are now installing subsurface irrigation with smart controllers for flow sensing in areas prone to drought. This helps in managing water. You can also preset the maximum flow for the specific garden zone. It takes away the hassle of watering your plants daily. Also, you can keep your plants hydrated in an ecological way. If you have a budget constraint, then go for smart sprinklers. They offer different configurations along with built-in timers. Efficient watering is the key to cheap water bills.

  • Outdoor Lighting

A common trend is to enhance the textures and curves of the landscape design. This can be done with outdoor lighting. Lighting can improve visibility, and thus, makes sure that your garden space is safe.

Following the above-mentioned trends can help in achieving a practical and sustainable garden at home. You can explore our collection and order plants online India from us with utmost convenience.



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