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Beginning of New Year with Green Journey

The New Year marks not only the beginning of new dates, but also new resolutions, happiness, emotions, love, and affection. These adjectives are not only meant for your family but your near and dear ones too. The new year is all about a new beginning. So, we should mark this occasion by spreading joy, happiness, and a smile on all faces. Gone are the days when people only used to gift chocolates, clothes, and other stuff to their loved ones on New Year. People are now getting inclined towards the green journey and make it a point to gift some form of greens on special occasions.

Since New Year marks a new beginning, let’s begin our green journey and start giving some unique green gifts to our dear ones on this New Year. Bright flowers draw immense happiness and feelings of ecstasy. So, the best way to surprise your loved ones this New Year is to arrange an online flower plant delivery at their doorstep.

Some Flowers as Gifts:

  1. Adenocalymma –

These bright yellow flowering plants, native to South America, planted in some unconventionally designed planters form a beautiful gift combination. Gifting this plant on New Year can transform anyone’s moods and also give a decorative touch to the houses.

  1. Anthurium –

This pretty pink alluring flowering plant finds every way to impress you. It leaves you speechless with its beauty and also eliminates the use of any other expensive décor items in your room.

  1. Red Azalea –

The eye-charming presence of this plant with its alluring and vibrant red flowers can give a special touch to every corner of your house. And this gift will make anyone fall for it.

  1. Barleria –

This plant is known for its unique white flowers, also called porcupine flowers, and gives a positive and peaceful vibration all around you. This plant thus forms the best gift item for anyone.

  1. Crinum Pink Lily –

This plant has an immense affinity for moisture and becomes laden with some beautiful, showy flowers in the summers. The foliage of this plant in the rest of the seasons gives immense pleasure to the house where one keeps it.

  1. Double-Scented Gardenia –

These plants enhance the beauty of your indoor and outdoor spaces because of their white flowers enriched with a rich aroma. This aroma fills up every corner of your house and garden area. The white flowers bring peace and comfort to the house with its serenity.

  1. Hamelia –

Belonging to the family of coffee, this unique plant gives its unique touch to your spaces via its aromatic flowers and leaves. Not only used as ornamental plants, but its leaves have certain other medicinal properties also. With its ability to thrive in almost every kind of soil, it’s a must-have in every house.

  1. Dwarf Hibiscus –

To think of a hibiscus plant, one always thinks of big garden space, but not anymore. As Dwarf Hibiscus plants modify your indoor spaces with their vibrant colour flowers and beauty.

  1. Leaved Clover-

This plant is known to bring positivity and luck and are known for their unconventional leaves. Ancient people used this plant to protect against evil powers.

  1. Roses-

Among the flowering plants, roses are the flowers having various roles. Red roses attract passion and love. White roses are a symbol of peace and spirituality. Pink roses define the divine body shape. So, they are a perfect New Year gift.

  1. Jasmine-

Jasmine flowers keep the prophetic dreams and romance alive in you. People also believe them to attract love and money, thus making them an ideal gift for the New Year.

  1. Honeysuckle-

This is another unique plant that brings money and good fortune to your home. The dried powder of these flowers increases one’s intuition. It also promotes psychic powers.

If you are thinking to gift something unique this New Year, don’t think twice. Buy flower plants online and gift them to your loved ones. You will see that curve on the face getting broader. Flower plants not only produce fragrances but also enthusiasm. Gifting flowering plants can increase the joy of gifting. We all wish good health, luck, and fortune for our dear and near ones. So, mark this New Year for them with the beginning of new positivity and energy.

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