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Enhance Your Interiors with these Amazing Plants

Decoration of personal and office spaces has taken a new turn with some innovative gifts. Innovative gifts can narrate the creative mind of a person. The person behind such innovative gifts has the motive of contributing to the environment. A new generation has shifted from old décor ideas to innovative ones. This generation is more inclined towards the methods of decoration based on green.

Green decoration mainly encircles around some wonderful indoor plants. These indoor plants can serve as wonderful pieces of décor and enhance the look of every corner of your space. The best way to do so is to buy indoor plants online. Also, buying online gives ample chances to the buyers to showcase their creativity. Indoor decoration with green plants helps to create a visual delight for the one seeing it.

Indoor plants can be the best way to add a touch of greenery to your interiors and give fresh air to the surroundings. Having these plants indoors refresh the mind instantly. They also help to keep the surroundings clean and green. Well, plants enable people to establish a connection with nature. People’s connection with nature has been lost long ago, owing to rapid urbanization. So, building a small corner around your indoor space can re-establish your connection with nature.

Let’s check out some indoor plants:

Arboreum Rosette Plant

This species of succulent plants are among the unique indoor plants, which people often use as décor. They have long arching stems with leaves that are of rosette appearance. Such appearance is unique among itself. It is because of this reason one uses them for indoor decoration.

Lipstick Plant

The name itself carries a uniqueness. The lipstick plant is the species of Aglaonema species that are native to sub-tropical lands of Asia and New Guinea Island. The leaves of these plants are its uniqueness. The leaves are a unique combination of green plants with reddish-pink borders. These borders give a unique touch to this indoor décor plant.

Pink Lipstick Plant-

This is another type of Aglaoenema plant that has patches of pink on top of the light green leaves. This plant is also one of the most suitable choices for being a part of indoor décor.

Snow White Plant-

It is another type of Aglaoenema plant that has white patches all over its green leaves. This gives a variegated appearance to the plant. This snow-white plant is the favourite of many who prefer them to be indoors as a décor piece.

Alocasia Plant-

Found mostly in Asia’s tropical regions, the alocasia plants are the most common indoor plants. Their latex covered large leaves helps to remove toxins from indoor air. Alocasia is often referred to as the air-purifying plants. The Alocasia is thus the commonly chosen indoor plant.

Anthurium Plant-

These plants are really appealing to the eyes. The vibrant pink colour flowers are visually very appealing and attractive. Though these are native to South America, yet Indian homes use them as the pink-flowered decorative plant.

Araucaria Plant-

This plant reminds me of Christmas carols. The plant is unique in terms of its structure and shape. The leaves are modified into a spike-like structure like that observed in ferns. This tree is often called the living Christmas tree in India. The rich aesthetics of this plant makes it a special indoor plant.

Spider Plant

The name of this indoor plant is due to its appearance. The long, green dangles that grow down the plant give a spider-like appearance to this plant. This plant is easy to grow and adapts quickly to all environmental conditions.

Crassula Ovata

Being predominant in the African continent, this plant is unique in its name and appearance. These plants grow easily in all conditions due to their small leaves. Thus, they can modify both your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Earthstar Plant-

Although the name seems extra-terrestrial, the appearance also seems a bit out of the plant world. The leaves have a unique combination of pink and green. The shape of the leaves is also unconventional and gives it the appearance of a starfish.

Indoor plant online shopping can be the new trend of shopping nowadays. So, it’s time to modify your indoors with some unconventional green indoor plants.

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