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Plants That Bring Happiness and Wealth to Home as Per Vastu

Many people believe in the science of Vastu, which is based on certain principles. It suggests making changes and incorporating various items in your home as this brings prosperity and luck. We all are aware of the amazing benefits of keeping indoor plants at home. Did you know that few plants are compatible with Vastu as well? They can work wonders for your home and bring positivity and luck.

If you are looking for Vastu’s suggested best indoor plants online, we at Unlimited Greens can meet all your needs. We have a wide array of plants, pots, garden décor, and accessories, which we can deliver to your doorstep across India. We aspire to help people, especially in urban areas, to reconnect with nature and greenery and gain the benefits.

Let’s have a look at Vastu Shastra plants and trees:

  • Holy Basil Plant

Also known as Tulsi, the plant is sacred and auspicious. You should plant in the north-east direction. Apart from being Vastu compliant, it is also a medicinal plant. It is good for health and also purifies the air. It should get ample air and sunlight.

  • Bamboo Plant

It promotes luck and peace in the house. Also, it brings fame and wealth. Go for the yellow coloured bark over the dark one. The dark one is the most widely used lucky plants for home. And it is better to avoid the dwarf bamboo plant.

  • Money Plant

It is one of the most popular plants as per Vastu principles. It is known for bringing wealth and prosperity to the home. One should place a money plant in the north or east direction of the house. You can place them indoors or even in the bedrooms, but the balcony is one of the best places for them.

  • Neem Tree

Neem is also considered auspicious as per Vastu since it brings positivity in the home and comes with medicinal properties. Plant it in the North-West corner of your house. Air flowing through neem plant should flow through windows of the master bedroom.

  • Banana Tree

The Banana tree is considered holy and is also worshipped. As per Vastu, the tree symbolizes Lord Vishnu. It is one of the most auspicious trees for home. You should plant it in the north-east direction.

  • Peony

The beautiful and bright flower plant symbolizes optimism. It is bright, elegant, and feminine. Because of these qualities, it is a metaphor for female reproduction, love, and femininity. People who wish to find love should place them in the south-west direction of the house.

  • Plum Blossoms

As per Vastu, they invite harmony and wealth in the home. It also promotes positivity. The best place to put it is in the north-east direction of the home.

  • Citrus Plant

As per Vastu, the citrus plant brings luck and happiness to the home. Also, it is known as the Buddha’s hand as they remind of the upturned fingers of Lord Buddha during a meditative position.

To buy indoor planters online, explore our webpage, and grab your hands on the best plants and pots for your home. Choosing plants based on Vastu science can bring positive vibes in your house along with luck and prosperity. Also, place them in the right direction and rooms to further maximize the benefits.

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Apr 09, 2024

I am impressed with the name of this site. The name itself gives an inevitable sense of planting home plants. The listed plants all seems to be interesting as well. Among them, i am fond of money plants and citrus plants.

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